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UFO Shape - Saturn

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Multiple residents of Norwood in St, Lawrence observed an unidentified high flying "saturn-shaped" object that cruised at low speed overhead and then moved away.

A silvery object. Two hemispheres divided by a rotating ring.
The object shoots a beam of light.


He spotted six, luminous spherical craft with hazy rings around them flying in a trail high in the sky above him.


Through binoculars, these objects were distinguishable as red spheres, circled by yellow rings inclined at an angle in such a way that the bases of the spheres were were almost completely hidden.

|Angels' Hair|Cylinder|Sphere|Maneuver|Rings|Smoke|Tilt|

Sarah Shaw & Jan Whitley. The beings took both women into a hovering Saturn-shaped craft, with a rim or platform around it. It glowed with various colors and made a whining sound. Sarah felt herself floating into the craft on a beam of light.



The Trinidade Island Photographs. Professional photographer Almiro Barauna would take a sequence of pictures of this UFO off of a Naval vessel. More than 50 witnesses saw the UFO, including the ship's Captain.

A series of pictures were taken off the coast of Brazil showing a "saturn"- shaped object. Dozens of witnesses. Skeptics claim the pictures are fake, but have no evidence that such is the case.

The machine and its occupants were surrounded by a glowing halo of light.


Six concentric rings encircled the object, which was crested with a dome and emitted a bluish glow.

|Cone|Dome|Highway|Interfernce|Landing Trace|Radiation|

The area below the windows glowed with a bluish light. The outer ring between the blue light and the rim was rotating counterclockwise, casting off a halo of light that changed from orange to white with an overall tinge of blue and green.


One silver, diamond-shaped object with several balls constantly in very fast motion around it, and much light.


Sidney Zipkin. Two small beings, shiny black garb. Saturn-shaped craft seen near ground in truck headlights; beings boarded, took off straight up.


It was surrounded by a glow or halo.


Doreen Kendall. It was silvery metallic, 50 ft wide and Saturn shaped, and had "a necklace of lights" around its middle. The dome on top was transparent and brightly lit; because it was tilted downward, toward her, she was able to see two tall male figures of human appearance wearing tight fitting uniforms of a dark, soft looking material.


Aristeu Machado. Two small humanoids on rim of Saturn-shaped craft with flashing lights on the underside; craft took off, skimming ocean surface (see section V).


Puente de Herrera. One human-size being, dark tight-fitting garb, entered Saturn-shaped craft, which took off with an intense whistling sound.


Alois Olenick. Two small humanoids, grayish skin, visible in dome of Saturn-shaped craft.


At each end of the object was rings releasing multi-colored flashes of light.


Translucent, spherical, Saturn-like object with sparkling lights inside, is observed by a retired civil engineer.


Saturn-type object hovers directly over children on the playground at school. Massive vibration felt in immediate area.



Two officers from dispatched from Edgware Police Station after receiving call from witness observe object through a pair of binoculars : "...The officers obtained a pair of binoculars and studued the object through them and obsereved the object was circular in the middle with a dome on the top and underneath. The middle of the object had blue lights around the middle and red/pink lights on the extreme right of the middle. The dome on the top had blue and white flashing lights, the dome underneath was blue and green, red/pink with white flashes...."
They observed the object for about an hour and during that time the object moved erratically from side to side, up and dow, and to and fro not venturing from the originla position.


Pilot's drawing (taken from his official report)

Japan Airlines, 17 November 1986. Whilst flying a cargo plane from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska, the crew observed three walnut-shaped UFOs. One of the objects was enormous, many times the size of their Boeing 747 aircraft. The pilot, Kenju Terauchi, described the UFO as being twice the size of an aircraft carrier. The objects performed extraordinary maneuvers and stayed with the plane for 400 miles (640km). The incident was also confirmed on ground radar.



The object was described as a disc, with black dome on top (Exhibit 3J). There were orange, red, and blue lights on the bottom section.



Within seconds, an object (saucer with top & bottom domes) proceeded to pass him. (Exhibit 4J). UFO was size of standard car and tilted left to avoid hitting barn. It passed him, moved in front, then tilted right to avoid hitting house. Powerlines, trees were also adjacent to house. UFO went straight ahead and then shot straight up, paused and then accelerated out of sight. When the UFO passed (the car) there was a slight stall to his automobile engine, headlights, dashboard (lights) dimmed and radio went out for a few seconds. He saw windows in top and bottom domes. Object glowed a greenish- yellow. Multicolored lights seen around rim (primarily red, orange, but some blue and green). Object had bright blue light in center of bottom dome and antenna-like thing on both top and bottom domes. He described them as "weather vanes".



Alejandro Backle.



Severo Zavala.


Merida, Yucatan UFO footage in ZIP (file format) links: Link 1 , Link 2



UFO Photos of a "flattened sphere with ring at the equator."
Reportedly the object immobilized two cars, and was moving extremely swiftly and without noise.


Discoid saucers: (7)