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ET Profile - Skin Type

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Mr. Robert Hall. Behind this shield they saw a little under twenty aliens of varying shapes and sizes gathered around a small craft. Most of the creatures were horrible looking short grey type aliens, but there was also another creature present who Robert describes as looking like Bigfoot. Another creature had a strange sort of diving helmet on, similar to deep sea divers of the day.


Signor R.L. Johannis. Their faces appeared to have a greenish color, their eyes were large and plum-colored with a vertical line in the center and no lashes or brows.


Arthur G. Stancil (previously known by the pseudonym "Fritz Werner"). Stancil saw one body recovered from the crash. It was humanoid, about 4 feet tall, with brown skin and wearing a silver-metallic flight suit.


Patrolman Herbert Schirmer. Skin gray-white.

Betty Anderson. Grey beings in a hoping like motion.

Claude Edwards. The small figures were also gray-green and about 3 feet tall.

|Disc|ET|Landing Mark|Mushroom|

Denis McMahon. And grayish, plastic-looking skin. Remembered details after hearing Bud Hopkins on a radio show.

|Oval-shape|Beam|ET|Hover|Time Lapse|

Six grayish humanoids, faces obscured, standing by roadside near long silvery object; one held up hand as motorist approached.



Charles Hickson. "It was very wrinkled, and it appeared to me to be something like an elephant skin but I don't know if it was a metal or what it was but it seemed to be very wrinkled with the wrinkles running horizontal."


Three small beings, gray skin, clawed hands descended from disc-shaped craft with four legs atop hospital, made squeaky vocal sounds, saw witness, reentered craft and took off.


The beings were described by the witnesses as about five feet tall, of light skin with big ,almond shaped eyes and small lower jaw. They were reported as being very strong.


Japanese youngster indicates area near vineyard where a UFO touched down on February 23, 1975; and a sketch by one of the boys shows the craft and occupant. (credit: Leonard Stringfield / Dennis Hauck, director, International UFO Registry)

Masato Kawano (7 years old) and Katsuhiro Yamahata (7 years old). His skin was dark brown & he had pointed ears, but his large head had no eyes, nose or mouth, merely wrinkles on the "face," and 3 silver colored "fangs" 2" long where the mouth should be.

|Disc|ET|Landing Balls|Landing Trace|Radiation|

Alois Olenick. Two small humanoids, grayish skin, visible in dome of Saturn-shaped craft.


Image courtesy Michael H. Rogers ©1996

Travis Walton. Their thin bones were covered with white, marshmallowy-looking flesh.

Their smooth skin was so pale that it looked chalky, like ivory.

|Disc|Abduction|Beam|ET|Large Eyes|Large Head|Short|Skin|Suit|

Small humanoids, dark eyes, gray skin.

Under hypnosis, he recalled that he re-opened his eyes and saw four, short, gray-skinned figures moving through the bright light towards him.


The beings were pale skinned, dressed in white one piece suits.

|UFO Other|Interference|ET|Explosion|

The others thought it was a joke until they saw a row of figures with large bald heads and claylike skin dressed in tight fitting jumpsuits approach the car.


Strange images suddenly filled her mind, starting with flashing colors and then turning into an image with a large hairless head, big eyes, and claylike skin.


The domed disc now slid back a panel revealing two short humanoids, described as having gray wrinkled skin and claw-like hands.

|Disc|Dome|Beam|ET|Hover|Jet-like roar|Radar|Speed|

Looking out the window, Ludmila Sadovskaia saw a strange creature with glowing eyes. Its face was a greenish gray and it had no nose and only a slit for a mouth.


Source: Abduction gone awry? Virginia case detailed

Entity’s Description: I have asked “Lee” to utilize the height of the bed’s railing as reference to determine the size of the entity and she later concluded that it was approximately 42 inches (106.7cm) tall. Although her initial report described its’ skin as “reptile like” but further into our interview, she did state that it did not have scales or have the texture of a crocodile but rather the look of rough skin. Its’ color was a dark, mossy green/gray and glossy and it was not wearing clothing or a uniform. The head had that classic [b]Gray-alien appearance with large black eyes[/b] and each hand had three digits (two fingers and a thumb). Wendi: “It had 3 fingers kinda on the long side and they were fatter at the tips of his fingers”.


|Gray|Green|3 Digits|Short|Skin|

8-year old Zeca Borba reported encountering and communicating with a short humanoid with a large head and eyes and bluish skin. The humanoid carried a cane-like object and wore a silvery helmet. After 30 minutes the humanoid boarded a triangular shaped object, which quickly disappeared.

Keely. When one of them turned and looked at me, I realized they weren't human. For one thing, the arms were too long and the bodies were too thin. Their skin had a pale glossy look, and their heads were very large, but had lumps all over the top of the scalp. I stand 5'3" tall, and they looked about one or two inches shorter than me. It started to walk toward me, but I bolted back to my tent.


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