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ET Profile - Mouth Slit

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Colonel H. G. Shaw. "Their faces and heads were without hair, the ears were very small, and the nose had the appearance of polished ivory, while the eyes were large and lustrous. The mouth, however, was small and it seemed...they were without teeth."

|Alien Abduction|

The eyes large and black like bug eyes, ears were small, lips thin slits.


Betty Anderson. Three to five feet tall, had very large, pear shaped eyes, tiny holes for a nose, and ears, slit like mouth, very little neck.

They had slit eyes and mouths, pointed noses, and rough looking skin like scar tissue.



Patrolman Herbert Schirmer. The entities had slightly slanted “catlike” eyes (that didn’t blink), gray-white skin, long and thin heads, with flat noses and slitlike mouths.

|Disc|Antennae|ET|Hover|Siren Noise|Missing Time|Tilt|

They had large heads, big oval eyes, and a small mouth.


They were about five-foot tall with pasty white faces and huge elongated eyes, two holes for a nose and slit like mouths.


|Belt|Claw|Large Eyes|Hybrid|Slit|Short|Skin|Suit|

The shorter entity wore an outfit with horizontal rings around the torso and a round helmet with a large, circular face plate showing a pear shaped, grayish head with no hair, round "marble like" eyes, a rudimentary nose, and a slit like lipless mouth.

|Disc|ET|Landing legs|

Charles L. Moody. He told of finding himself aboard a strange craft, and of a kind of telepathic communication with aliens who were about four feet eight inches tall, with large, domed, hairless heads; large eyes; a small slit-like mouth; small ears and small nose; five-digit hands with no nails.



Illustrations drawn by Uyrangê Hollanda depicting the entity.

|ET|Witness Murder|


Four alien bodies were found on level 2, all dead, mostly next to the chairs. The aliens were about 1.3, 1.4m in height, two were the same and a third was slightly taller, about 1.5-1.6m. They had large hairless heads covered with helmets with 4 webbed fingers, greenish-yellow-brown skin, and thin long arms, like that of a monkey, long narrow legs and necks, huge slanted frog like eyes covered by black eye lenses, just a protrusion with 2 openings on the place of a nose, small and narrow slit-like mouth, tiny ears pressed to the rear part of their heads, and long thin hands. They were dressed in tight-fitting and very durable suits of metallic silver color with a violet tint, with belts and round circles on their chest areas. They had long elbow length gloves.


Looking out the window, Ludmila Sadovskaia saw a strange creature with glowing eyes. Its face was a greenish gray and it had no nose and only a slit for a mouth.


Polaroid photographs by Filberto Caponi.

It had a small slit for the mouth, two small holes as a nose, no ears, but three lumps both sides and centre of the big head. In addition, the feet were disproportionate to the rest of the body, which was naked but there was no indication of the creature's sex. Its abdomen was prominent, which later became the joke of a pregnant ET!
The being did not resist capture at all, apparently looking as if it was dizzy and making the sound likened to that of bees.



"The descriptions were are getting from the UFO occupants about 85% are extremely similar" -- Bud Hopkins.

Size: Between 3 1/2 and 5 feet tall.

Make: Extremely slinder

Skin: Greyish-white

Head: Very large crainium

Eyes: Often very, very black

Mouth: Slit, no movemnet

Ears: No ears

Bud Hopkins.

George Fawcett