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SOM 1-01 Manual Analysis

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1. Traingle Shape illustration from the 1954 SOM 1-01 Special Operations Manual.
2. 1990 Belgium UFO photograph (rotated). Note: The SOM 1-01 manual arrived in the mail to UFOlogist Don Berliner as a roll of undeveloped 35 mm film from an anonymous source on March 4, 1994.


1. Type B Fuselage or Cigar Shape illustration from the 1954 SOM 1-01 Special Operations Manual.
2. George Adamski carrier craft photo.
3. 1952. Palomar Gardens cigar-shape UFO Photo

Description Of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities ( EBEs )


Witness: Philip Spencer
PS It's quite small. He's got big pointed ears, it's got big eyes. They're quite dark, he hasn't got a nose he's only got a little mouth. And his hands are enormous. And his arms are long. He's got funny feet.

b. EBE Type II

The arms are long in proportion to the legs...

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1954 April Restricted SOM 1-01 Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual Extraterrestrial Entities And Technology, Recovery And Disposal [PDF]

Majestic-12 Debate:

Andy Kissner believes that the acronyms MAJIC and MJ-12 could have been formed from Manhattan [Engineering District] Joint [Chief of Staff] Integrated Command, [Project Y, Division Z, Group] 12. I asked Rebecca Ulllrich, Sandia Laboratories' historian, if any of these acronyms had surficed in the archives. 'We have no records pertaining to any entities called MJ-12, MAJIC-12, or MAJESTIC 12,' she replied. Another possibility (suggest Robert M. Wood) is that MAJIC was formed from Military Assessment of the Joint Intelligence Committe.

New Bogus MJ-12 Documents (Skeptical Inquirer My 2000)

MUFON: 1982 Pratt Sensitive Document. [PDF]

MUFON: New Revelations On The Origins Of MJ-12 [PDF] by Brad Sparks.

Update on Operation Majestic 12 Documents by Stanton Friedman.