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UFO Shape - Spindle

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Over 400 cigar-shaped, disk-shaped and spindle-shaped objects moving in groups acrosss the face of the sun by Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla Director of the Zacatecas Astronomical Observatory and his assistant. His photographed the UFOs, which appeared to be solid.


Artist Walter Molino's impression of the incident, from the cover of the Nov. 14, 1954 issue of "La Domenica del Corriere," an illustrated Sunday supplement to the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera."

Rosa Lotti. This is how Rosa Lotti subsequently described the strange machine:

"A sort of double cone, over 2 metres high and about a metre wide in the middle." (In La Nazhnc Italiwa, November 2, 1954.)

"Like two bells joined together at their bases." (In La Settimana Incotn, No. 24, Year XV.)

"The object was very swollen out in the middle and pointed at the two ends. It seemed to be covered with leather." (In Il Giornale del Mattlno, November 2, 1954,)

"The outside of it shone as though it was of very polished light metal. On the lower cone there was an open glass door, and inside it could be seen two little seats, little scats like those used by children. In the central part of the spindle, where it was widest, there was a sort of roundish glass, closely following the round shape of the mysterious machine. R

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A dish peddler, 52 year old N. Bastianucci, was walking in the direction of the small village of Brolio and had just emerged from some woods. At this point, he sighted an odd, spindle-shaped object resting in the middle of the road. The object was pointed along the edges and widened at its midpoint; it was approximately 20meters away from Bastianucci. Its surface was colored in red and green stripes. On the right side of the craft there was an open hatch. Bastianucci noticed a “small leg” dangling from this opening. This “leg” was covered in a type of fabric printed in a pattern of small flowers, “like the fabric used to make children’s pinafores.” When he had approached to within 10 meters distance, the “small leg” retracted into the object back through the hatch---and the object departed vertically, becoming smaller and smaller before then disappearing from sight.


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