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ET Wear - Brown Coveralls

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William J. Kiehl. Kiehl could not discern what the three were doing, but noted that while they, like the other three, were wearing square yellow headgear, their clothing - what could be seen - was khaki-colored.


On a road near this village a Mr. Billon and a female friend saw hovering in a field very close from the ground a luminous multi-colored almost square-shaped object. They could see two figures about 1 meter in height walking back & forth very rapidly in front of the object. The witnesses watched the scene from about 100 meters away. The figures appeared to be wearing brown-green colored uniforms. The witnesses were in a state of shock after the incident.



Olmira da Costa e Rosa. He was able to study these men at close range and in great detail. They were of medium height, broad-shouldered, with long blond hair blowing in the wind. With their extremely pale skin and slanted eyes, they were not normal looking by Earth standards. Their clothing consisted of light brown coverall garments fastened to their shoes, which were heelless. He concluded that they must be aviators from some foreign country.

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William Bosak. It had no collar or shirt with seam in front but appeared to be clothed in something tannish-brown in color and fitted (skin-tight) like a diver's suit.

Image courtesy Michael H. Rogers ©1996

Travis Walton. They had on single-piece coverall-type suits made of soft, swedelike material, orangish brown in color. I could not see any grain in the material, such as cloth has. In fact, their clothes did not appear even to have any seams. I saw no buttons, zippers, or snaps. They wore no belts. The loose billowy garments were gathered at the wrists and perhaps the ankles. They didn't have any kind of raised collar at the neck. They wore simple pinkish tan footwear. I could not make out the details of their shoes, but they had very small feet, about a size four by our measure.

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They wore tight-fitting brown jumpsuits with matching shoes and belt, with a pale yellow stole draped over one shoulder. They also displayed a winged emblem on the chest area resembling a "hawk-eagle" head in center and wings on each side.

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Goat herder, Flores de Mamani. A door like opening became visible on the sphere and two little men came out. They wore brown diver's suits, and had what appeared to be backpacks on their backs. The witness attempted to scream but could not. The beings were about 4-feet tall, heavy set and there appeared to be some stripes on their shiny brown suits. They wore helmets with a glass-like visor. She also noticed what appeared to be two antennas coming out of their suits. They seemed to glide just above the ground. The sphere was described as shiny and silvery with several multi-colored lights around it. One of the little men then approached the witness grabbed her arm and tied a rubber hose around it, and then he proceeded to extract blood from the witness arm using a syringe like instrument. She felt no pain. The other little man then proceeded to milk one of the goats that remained completely still. Soon the little men glided back to the silvery sphere and went inside.

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