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ET - Tall (leaders)

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Praying mantis-creature encountered around noon time by David Huggins at Georgia farm when he was eight in 1950. He associated entity with small, grey beings, which David thought were androids programmed to do work for the praying mantis and tall humanoids.


|ET|Gray|Praying Mantis|Short|Tall|

Sarah Shaw & Jan Whitley. Most of the beings were 5-feet tall and most of these had oval heads. Some had heads wider at the bottom that at the top and were apparently female. Two taller beings appeared to be the leaders...In a large domed room both women were then extensively examined and scanned. Throughout the examination a tall being directed the work from a balcony-like extension on a wall. He wore a light colored suit with black stripes and his hands were bare, showing gray flesh.




Mike Shea. The beings looked like huge grasshoppers with long arms and bowed legs. Three of the creatures were large. The fourth one was small and wore a black silky suit with a zipper up the front, somehow this being seemed "ancient" to the witness.

|Missing Time|Beam|Hover|Whirring sound|


The taller entity wore a cubical helmet transparent in form, showing a face identical with the other's but with a small rectangular box under the chin. His suit was dull metallic gray of a one-piece coverall type, including gloves and heavy, pointed boots. He wore a black belt with a luminous disc in front and a diagonal "Sam Browne" strap from belt to shoulder, with a vertical row of "buttons" on each side of the chest.

|Disc|ET|Interference|Landing legs|


Location: Wayne County, Centerville, Indiana
Witness: Timothy Brandenburg
Date: June 8, 1991.
Researcher: Fl Don Worley
Source: NICAP ,

It was a nice summer evening in 1991 on the south edge of little Centerville about 10 miles northeast of me here. Tim Brandenburg's wife was off to church. His dogs were raising a racket so he wondered if maybe a farmer could be in trouble on his tractor. As he stood in the darkness of his yard he was amazed to see a big aerial object just off the ground and too close to him for comfort.

Now I should mention that he too was an unknowing abductee from an early age. Tim began to back up. When the light beam struck him, all he noticed was a mild pain in his chest. In fear he turned to run. As he did he looked at the ground. The next thing he knew he was looking at the floor in a room in the craft.

Across the room from him stood two tall alien Grays. They were slim and about 7 feet tall. They seemed to be discussing Tim and in his mind came a soothing voice saying, "All is good. We are not going to hurt you."

Tim kept getting this message as they came across the room. One Gray held out his arms toward Tim. Tim thought well they want something so maybe if I give them something they will let me go.

In his pocket his hand landed on a $20 bill there. He handed this to the alien, who looked at it turning it over, and then handed it to the next alien. That was the last time Tim saw the $20 bill. Suddenly the alien Gray reached out with its long fingered hand and grabbed Tim by his arm.

While holding Tim's arm, the alien produced a pen-like device and moved it laterally over Tim's arm at the joint. Next Tim knew he was to go sit on a box-like seat. It was here that the Gray quickly held a cigarette sized device next to Tim's temple.

Tim's wife, who was not his friend or mine, later destroyed some of our valuable correspondence after he went to work.

Tim awoke in bed feeling like he had been on an all night bender drinking. Feeling rotten, he went to the bathroom and saw his urine was very dark. At first Tim thought it was just a bad dream, but then he looked at his arm and there were about three 7 inch long purple stripes under his skin.

I tried to photograph these marks but to no avail. So then Tim knew he had lost a whole night and it had not all been a dream. In Tim's back yard were two 12 inch circular browned spots about 6 feet each side of where he stood.

I didn't pick up any radiation or magnetic deviation at these places. Tim went right to the Richmond sheriff's office and reported he had been kidnapped aboard a UFO.

It was worth a line or two in the police report published in the Richmond Item. I learned about it when a lady from there told my wife Jeanie who worked in the local hospital about it.




The being was gray in color and about 6-feet tall...The witness remembers seeing the other witness on the floor, as if frozen apparently being guarded by a short gray humanoid.


|ET|Arms - Long|Eyes - Slanted|Hands - 4 Digits|Cranium|Gray|Insignia|Short|Suit - Gray|Tall|

Two adults reported seeing strange lights and then experienced a period of missing time. Under hypnosis an abduction scenario was revealed. They were apparently taken onboard an object. Inside, a medical examination ensued. Unusual after effects were noted. Later under hypnotic regression the witnesses recalled being paralyzed inside their vehicle and seeing two humanoids, described as tall, gray in color, with small ears, large black eyes, two dots for a nose, a small mouth, with no lips, that entered their vehicle and undid their seat belts then carried them outside the car. Two shorter humanoids arrived and carried the children from the back seat of the vehicle. One of the witnesses recalled a tall gray humanoid using something resembling a silver staple gun that was pressed against her neck. Another witness remembered flying inside an object and seeing tall buildings with domed ceilings that had strange patterns of top. The witnesses reported another type of humanoid described as tall with a wrinkled appearance. This being inserted some type of rod-like instrument into their eyes.

|Missing Time|


went to bed on August 21, 2012, when my television went off by itself and I started hearing noises like a humming sound. The first time I noticed anything was around 11:12 PM, when my bedroom door opened and I could hear someone walking and standing beside me and of course I had my eyes closed and heard, "Don’t be afraid, we no harm.” I started to freak out and opened my eyes and I could barely see two dark figures, one standing beside me on my right and the second in front of me. I could feel being lifted up and being brought out back where I could see a small oval shaped craft in my backyard and another triangle craft hovering right above it just few feet higher.

I thought the object was an actual dark grey UFO, an oval with ten windows on the front of it. The second triangle craft was black with small diamond shaped windows around it.

The oval craft landed and the triangle craft hovered right above it.

I could feel something for sure and I was terrified. Once I was aboard the oval craft the only thing on my mind was, "How was I going to get out or am I ever going to be released." Once I was aboard the craft I was placed on a silver table while about three beings came by me looking at me then talking. I have no idea what they were saying. Then one of the aliens came next to me and showed me this blue light then I blacked out. I guess I was out for about twenty minutes because I awoke on the table while one of the aliens took my hand and had me step off the table and walk around. I looked around the craft and it was just walls and rooms and windows. The apparent leader of the aliens came beside me and showed me off the craft. And said, "Were sorry we terrified you. These are my students for a complete experiment. We will be back soon so do not panic." I stepped inside my home and looked back outside while the leader walked back inside the craft and took off in less than 15 seconds.

Note- The picture is my drawing of the alien who took me aboard the craft. The second picture I found to be looking like the exact leader of the aliens who I saw.-Thanks to MUFON CMS




Seven-foot tall being with large nose and vertical pupils Bakersfield, California Abduction Case.


|ET|Pupil - Verticle|Tall|


Tall 'Praying Mantis' being Bakersfield, California Teenage Abduction Case.