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ET - Telepathic Communication

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5-year old Laszlo Bako was alone playing near a railway bed when he suddenly began to feel strange and noticed a strange little man approaching him. The man was described as human-like, but with a head a little bigger than normal. The being’s body was very smooth and gray colored, and apparently wore no clothing. He was as tall as the witness. The being approached to about 1 meter away from the witness and stopped, he then smiled at Laszlo, who felt a friendly feeling coming from the little man. The being made several motions with his hands while at the same time communicating telepathically with Laszlo. After about 1 minute the little man turned away, walked for about 5 meters then vanished in plain sight.

The three beings looked tall, thin with long arms, and large oversized heads with large black eyes, they collected samples of sand, vegetation, water and communicated telepathically with the witness telling her, “Do not be afraid, we will not harm you” before embarking back into the ship.

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Joe Simonton. The aliens did not speak in his presence, but they had a silvery jug with two handles, heavier than aluminum but lighter than steel, about a foot high. It seemed to be made out of the same material as the craft. Simonton said it was "a beautiful thing, a Thermos jug-like bottle quite unlike any jug I have ever seen here [on Earth]." Through ESP or something, Simonton got the idea that the aliens wanted water.


Sales executive "John Gilbert." He became confused and faint and was dragged towards the ramp and into a craft, where he was revived and shown into a sort of control-room, then given an explanation of the craft by the "leader", apparently by telepathy.


|ET|Guttural tones|Large Head|Pupil_None|Short|Suit-Blue|Telepathy|


Patrolman Herbert Schirmer. Hypnotic sessions revealed that the occupants of the landed craft came and took Schirmer aboard, and communicated with him through some form of mental telepathy.

Schirmer had the impression that the small antennas were somehow a part of their communication process with him - that part of their contact with him was mental and part of it was physical.

|Disc|Antennae|ET|Hover|Siren Noise|Missing Time|Tilt|

Michael was told telepathically they were from a distant planet and that he would not be harmed.


Near Loxley Clarence Patterson and his pickup were sucked into a giant cigar-shaped UFO. Robot-like creatures who could read his mind removed him from the truck and subjected him to a physical examination. Patterson passed out, and awoke to find himself speeding on a road at ninety mph.




John Avis, 29, his wife Elaine, 25, and 3 children. Elaine could remember...gray one-piece suits. John...found himself in a big room where tall "peaceful" beings, in one-piece colorless suits, told him not to worry about the children. They had pink eyes and communicated by telepathy. A small being was present; it had fur like covering and made chirping sounds; it served the tall beings. In a second hypnotic session, John "examiner," "smaller than us," with big eyes and a mouth "not like ours", examined him.

|ET|Beam|Interference|Missing Time|Propulsion|

Charles L. Moody. He told of finding himself aboard a strange craft, and of a kind of telepathic communication with aliens who were about four feet eight inches tall, with large, domed, hairless heads; large eyes; a small slit-like mouth; small ears and small nose; five-digit hands with no nails.


Travis Walton. Short beings with large eyes. Telepathic communication.

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Johnny Sands.

Dr. R. L. Nolan. He said, “Let me ask you this one. This one is going to get you. Did they talk to you, and not use their mouth, and talk to you in a form of mental telepathy?” I said, “Yes sir, they did.”



The Allagash Abduction

"Their face is in front of my face..they're saying things, they are explaining things with their my head..they're saying don't be afraid, we won't harm you, do what we say" -- Jack Weiner - Unsolved Mysteries: Allagash Abductions


William J Herman. One being spoke by using telepathy to the witness and led him through a curving hallway and a small airlock to a room filled with computers and other equipment, it was apparently the control room.


Filiberto Cardenas. The entities made him pass through to another bigger room. There, on a high seat, like a throne, was seated an individual wearing a cape. This person, who seemed to be in charge, perhaps their chief, addressed Filiberto in perfect Spanish while at the same time transmitting ideas telepathically.


They spoke to her by using telepathy and were apparently upset that she had tied her fallopian tubes.


Alan Godfrey, with a drawing of the craft. (credit: Evans and Stacy)

Police officer Alan Godfrey. He was studied by a heavily bearded man who telepathically conveyed that his name was "Yosef" and whose clothing was very Biblical in nature.

|Disc|Dome|ET|Landing Trace|Missing Time|Rotation|

Strange images suddenly filled her mind, starting with flashing colors and then turning into an image with a large hairless head, big eyes, and claylike skin.



Whitley Strieber. Telepathic communication.



Alec Newald set off on what should have been a 3-hour drive to Auckland. He arrived feeling tired and confused, but was even more stunned to learn that he had lost 10 days and had no idea where he had been. He was able to remember being escorted onboard a huge craft by a female humanoid and taken to a room where he was told to wait. Soon he was approached by three humanoids, one tall, looking like the previous female humanoid, the second a little shorter and was male. The third much smaller, and walked ahead of the other two. He described the short humanoid as slightly built with a round head and rather unusual squinty eyes, which were well spaced and placed rather lower than that of humans. He had a very small mouth, no ears were seen, and the nose was barely noticeable. Newald was struck with an almost overpowering feeling of his presence. It was as if the being’s energy was being projected and absorbed by his body. The humanoid said, “Welcome,” and told Newald that he was the designated “Guardian” of this section. The humanoids communicated mostly by using telepathy. Newald was apparently taken to another “world” where he arrived at a huge city, which was very neat and orderly. He had noticed when the craft had landed that the city lacked any tall buildings and most of its construction was pyramid shaped dwellings and made of what appeared to be some kind of transparent material, just like tinted glass. He also saw large antenna like structures. Some of the buildings resembled those on Earth, but the outer walls were sloped back at a thirty degree angle and set back some distance at each floor level, making them look like steps up on a hill. These were apparently the dwellings, which were mostly circular in shaped or tube like in shape. The color inside the buildings was mostly a pearl white with perhaps a touch of silver gray within. A soft light seemed to radiate from everywhere. After learning much he was eventually returned back home and to his vehicle.



Eduardo Martinez. The humanoids communicated via telepathy and told Martinez they were a peaceful race and did not wish to alter things on earth.



62 children from Ariel School, a private primary school in Ruwa (about 20 km from Harare) observe UFO and occupant. Telepathic communication.