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ET Profile - Thin Body

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William J. Kiehl. Kiehl described the bodies as "skinny."


Reme Baca, Jose Padilla.


They were small, very frail and had large heads.


The appearance of a three-foot tall thin limbed creature.


Danie van Graan. Four 1- to 1.5-meter-tall beings, thin, slanted eyes, light coveralls, hoods, visible inside silver oval with legs; light beam struck witness in face, physiological effects.

|Ellipse|Beam|ET|Injury|Landing Legs|

Mrs. Florida Malboeu. They were thin and had unusually long arms and legs.

|Disc|ET|Landing Trace|

A lone witness out for an early morning walk spotted a large shiny silver oval shaped craft on the ground on a nearby field. Next to the object stood two short man-like figures, described as very thin, with long arms, and elongated egg shaped heads.



I came face to face (about 20 yards) with 2 grey creatures in blue jump suits, about 5 ft. tall with big insect looking heads, pointy faces, big eyes, thin arms, body and legs. I immediately thought "they're not little green men*, they're grasshopper people".

*(before this, all I knew about aliens was that they were supposed to be little green men.)

At that same instant, the one on the left raised his left hand to his waist, which held some type of flashlight device and I saw a bright flash of light come from it.

I instantly felt paralyzed and was convinced time had stopped, everything was black, no sound. I tried to yell "No!" but all that came out was a distorted grunt.

|Cigar|Alien Abduction|Cloak|ET|


Katherine Francovich. It stood about 4-feet 9-inches tall. It wore a snug fitting metallic looking outfit that clearly showed the shape of its body...Its neck was thin looking, the shoulders not well defined. It had a very slender frame and what appeared to be a small potbelly.

|Animal|MIB|Sulphuric acid-formaldehyde|Washington|

|ET-Gray|6digits|Eyes-Almond|Hop|Large Cranium|Long Arms|Suit-Metal|

He was wearing a white or, light-colored one-piece suit from the neck on down. It covered "his" two arms to his wrists. He didn't wear any eyeglasses, hat, or gloves. He wasn't heavy set, but rather slender. He wasn't wearing, as far as we could tell, any helmut.


Keely. When one of them turned and looked at me, I realized they weren't human. For one thing, the arms were too long and the bodies were too thin. Their skin had a pale glossy look, and their heads were very large, but had lumps all over the top of the scalp. I stand 5'3" tall, and they looked about one or two inches shorter than me. It started to walk toward me, but I bolted back to my tent.


They looked to be about the size of my oldest nephew, about 4 feet tall, but they looked very skinny, like they had no meat on their bones.