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UFO Shape - Triangle

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F-47 pilot and three pilots in his formation who saw a 'silver flying wing.'

See also: Aeronautics

The object, triangle-shaped with a batlike rear wing, was taken by the Army, first into the base at Roswell, and later transported to Wright Field outside of Dayton, Ohio.

See also: Base , Crash

Danish Lieutenant Commander Schmidt Jensen and seven crew members aboard the destroyer Willemoes observed a bluish, glowing triangular UFO traveling at high speed. Operation Membrace.

See also: Glow , Speed

British researcher Victor Kean, who started Project Triangle on the world wide web tracked many triangle reports in Britain that took place in the 1990s, but pointed out that his first reliable triangle report dates from September 8, 1960. This was a "triangular-shaped craft with three white apex lights and a red light underneath," seen in Tyneside, Britain and two other locations that evening, all within a 10 mile radius and within 75 minutes of each other. Did someone invent flying triangles in the 1950s?

There were no stars in a large dark triangular area with tiny lights at 3 corners. It stayed still for a time and then slowly, quietly backed up and was lost in the mountains behind us.

One triangular object 150-200 long, 40-50' thick at middle and dark grey, with a long bright, pulsing, purple light on the right side and a long blue light on the left side. Came from a distance to 150' off highway. Purple lighting illuminated ground beneath object and interior of police car. Driver felt heat on his left arm.

See also: Heat

Triangle craft appears to crash. Multiple witnesses. As the witnesses relate their encounter, they remark that the object they observed, was like the one observed in North Carolina at about the same time.

See also: Crash

This recording is significant because it is a very early flying triangle report.

Triangular shaped craft appears to crash.

See also: Crash

Triangle UFO observed. This was the third report in the area of these new shaped UFOs being sighted and causing a new chapter on ufological research that continues to the present.

Flying Triangle observed for 30 minutes.

Half triangle, half round object, follows man in his car. Object causes vehicle interference and physical effects on driver.

See also: Sphere , Interference

Flying triangle, with windows, hovers over a car.

See also: Hover

Police officer reports observing a metallic, triangular craft, at close range. Multiple witnesses.

Police Officer and Sheriff's Deputy observe a triangular-shaped object at low altitude, move West to East and then hover. Object remained stationary for awhile and then proceeded E to W.

See also: Hover

Triangular object hovers over car.

See also: Hover

Weatherman his wife and son, observe a huge triangular object. Object emits bluish-green and red lights flashing along its leading edge.

See also: Flash

Armada of 12 triangular objects pass near a drive-in theater. Two witnessses observe slowly move away, while one maintains a hover over nearby trees. Objects had four lights. Four lights on each object.

See also: Hover

Two police officers report a triangular object with red and blue lights hovering next to the PGE power generating plant. Officers withi 60' of object before it took off at a high rate of speed.

See also: Power Plant , Speed

V-shaped thing 15 to 20 meters long, with a beam of orange light going down to the ground.

See also: Abduction , Beam

Ten police officers and numerous witnesses observed a huge triangular UFO passing over Windermere over a 20-minute period. Witness John Platt said: “I was looking up into what appeared to be a giant catamaran with twin hulls and a large structure at the front.”

Six people in Plymouth Township reported a large triangular object that hovered overhead. While most UFOs are described as silent, one farm couple reported that as it passed overhead, it stopped and hovered, emitting a thunderous noise that made their entire house vibrate.

See also: Hover , Thunderclap

Between Tokyo and Hawaii at 60,000 Feet - Naval Intelligence pilot flying reconnaissance for CIA, encounters a large triangular craft that paces his F4-11 Phantom for approximately a half-hour. Object was dark in color with no protrusions, lights or outward propulsion system and its surface appearance like foam rubber. Target pasted solidly on planes radar. Plane was in excess of Mach 2.2 and the object stayed within 50 feet off the left wing of the aircraft.

See also: Aeronautics , Radar , Speed , Texture


Barry Smith, Gary Oikle. The object was described as a huge triangular shaped object with huge windows and three white lights at the corners. The size was estimated from "a quarter of the size of a football field" to 150-200 feet om each side", the object moved very slowly, hovering at times, in a southeastern direction following the contour of the ridges just above the trees.

See also: Hover , Windows

Albert M. Chop (USAF, NASA) observed a triangular UFO moving slowly eastward over the mountains southeast of Palm Desert, California. The object was ten times more brilliant as the stars in the background. It appeared to be extremely large.


I found a set of drawings (Exhibit 2F) that resulted from some sightings near Norwich, Connecticut, on the 26th or 27th of September. And one witness even heard an engine sound.


Triangular craft filmed by Marrs Dommin.

He was standing next to his car looking over the top of the cruiser when he noticed a “black triangle” about two hundred feet away and tilted at an angle. The craft was about one hundred feet on a side and had large windows through which five humanoid figures were visible from the waist up. These figures had large heads, thin necks, and slim bodies. The figures were seen in silhouette and no other features could be distinguished.

See also: ET-Gray , Tilt

Hundreds of people in north central Missouri, including a dozen police officers, saw a large, triangular object over a period of more than four hours.

See also: Radar

Three patrolmen reported seeing a triangular shape object in the forest. Strong animal reaction.

See also: Animal , Base , Glow , Hover , Landing Mark , Radar

Source: GEPUC Brazil

Two witnesses, Fernando Antonio Martins & Edson Maragon watched a luminous triangular shaped craft land on an open field. Three humanoids exited the object. These were described as about 1.90 meters in height, slim waists, thin bodies, white oval shaped faces, pointed chins, small noses and eyes a little larger than normal. The humanoids approached the witness and there was a one-hour time lapse reported. No other information.

See also: ET

A motorist on Route 119 reported that at approximately 9 p.m. a very large triangle-shaped object making no sound hovered close to his car and followed him down the road. Shenango Twp. near New Castle.

See also: Highway

A reddish triangular object with rounded apexes and a light in each corner was sighted by three witnesses. The witnesses reported suffering from headaches after their close encounter.

See also: Injury

Source: Stan Gordon, MUFON UFO Journal, June 1982, p. 3

A reddish triangular object with rounded apexes and a light in each corner was sighted by three witnesses at 7:15 p.m. It was surrounded by a glittering mist that seemed to come from the rear of the object. Two glowing spheres shot out from the craft, one shot off toward the north, the other toward the south. The witnesses reported suffering from headaches after their close encounter.
North Washington, Pa. (Butler County), Apr. 1, 1982. Numerous UFO reports from many areas of Butler County during April. On April 1st, three observers watched what appeared to be a red pulsating star hovering over the trees about 1,000 feet away. When the headlights were turned on the jeep that was being worked on, the light source moved toward the trio. The light went over the heads of the observers at ah altitude of about 250 feet. The bright light went out, and it was still light enough outside to see the entire object. It was described as looking triangular from beneath. One witness also commented on the similarity in size and shape fo the space shuttle. It was, gun-metal gray in color and had three colored pulsating lights, one at each corner. There was a mist with a glitter effect to it, which seemed to emit from the rear of the object and encircle the entire craft. Two smaller glowing lights shot out from the main object; one went North, the other South. When a commercial jet began to approach in the distance from the East, the object rose straight up into the sky and went out of sight. The entire observation lasted about 45 minutes. Two of the witnesses have had severe headaches since the sighting.


triangle shaped object was hovering directly above us.eggshell to grayish in wasnt smooth on the bottom as we could see what i recall as being seams in its structure similiar to a aircraft. it made a electrical type of droning noise.we looked away from it very briefly at which time i remember that the dronong sound stopped.when we looked back where the object had been we saw that it was gone.we attempted to relocate it with negative results.i remember it as being a clear summer day and that our vision was not impaired by low cloud coverage.


FLYING TRIANGLE It was in the summer of 1982 my oldest sister and I where lying in the back yard one night star gazing when we noticed what appeared to be three stars in a triangle pattern in a fixed position in the sky and they were brighter that the other stars.

After a short time a white light appeared from the center of the group of lights and then that light began to move away from the triangle group and across the sky until we could no longer see it.

At the time I was around 8 years of age and me and my sister compared what we were seeing to the movie Star Wars because of the triangle shape reminded us of the star destroyers from the movie. But at that time the triangle was not moving.

A short time later I went in the house and my other sister went out to look at the stars with my oldest sister. It was just a few minutes after I entered the house that both of my sisters ran in the back door screaming that a giant black triangle had just flew over the house. My father and I ran out the back door and we could see the lights through the trees and could hear a low humming noise coming from it.

My sisters said that the triangle pattern of stars had started moving down from the sky as they watched and then it glided right over the house with no sound until it passed. They said that it blacked out all the stars but they could see stars off to the sides of this massive triangle ship.

With there close up encounter with the object they said that it had three lights on the under side one on each corner and bright lights across the back of it.

I my dad and my sisters never really talked about what we had seen with anyone except amongst ourselves because of what people would think.

It wasn’t until me and my girlfriend saw the special on the travel channel last month about the triangle over Illinois. It was then I began to search the web and was floored by all the sightings of the same craft we had seen so long ago and that’s why I am reporting it now These triangle shaped ships or ship are as real as this planet military or not.

A man driving around dusk on the I90 road saw an object hovering above the tree line. The craft was wedge shaped and triangular from below. His vehicle engine ran rough then stalled, and the lights inside flashed as the object approached. He was able to see two figures that seemed clothed in silver like material.

See also: Wedge , ET , Hover , Highway , Interference

9:30 PM. Mr. & Mrs. Sprinster had a close encounter with a multi-colored triangular shaped UFO 10 miles west of Torrington on Route 4. The object moved very slowly, and dropped in altitude to pace their car. Its underside was crisscrossed with tubes and grill work. A red light in the center of the object detached, circled the object three times, then returned back to its original position. It left by making a sharp turn to the south. The encounter lasted 10 minutes. (Source: Philip J. Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, p. 9).

Computer engineer Ed Burns, retired senior editor for IBM.
Described as triangular, chevron shape, back of chevron estimated as large as a football field, one solid piece of a chevron shape, there was no noise.

See also: Chevron

Carol Cloukey and Robert White. The glow had subsided, and in the evening twilight it appeared grayish in color, triangular shaped, and larger than a 747 aircraft. It had 4 red lights and 1 or 2 brighter white lights. It made no sound. The UFO now began to move away slightly, traveling in a northeasterly direction for a distance of a few hundred feet when it suddenly vanished right before their eyes. Robert later expressed wonderment that such a large object could suddenly disappear in such an inexplicable manner. They estimated that the total incident took about two minutes to transpire.

At the same time, they heard the Bedford police over their scanners discussing their sighting of large triangular-shaped object the size of a football field.

Another sighting of a black triangle craft was reported by two witnesses to have occurred at Hymera, Indiana at 10:30 PM.

Triangle sighting. It was about the size of a paper dollar at arm's length, shaped like a triangle with the three corners "squared off". The color was blackish to a slate gray and it had three lights on it. The triangle wasn't an equilateral. It had one small end. The object was less than 200' from the ground.

The object hovered near the Lake of Four Seasons near Crown Point. It was described as pyramid shaped with red and blue lights near the "altitude" of the triangle and corners.

See also: Pyramid , Hover , Maneuver , Speed

Seconds later, however, they saw a giant triangular-shaped object with rows of colored lights appear right over the spot where the beings were.

See also: Abduction , Beam

On many occasions, huge flying triangles, as well as flying saucers, have also been seen over the base.

See also: Boomerang , Disc , Base , Hover , Interference|

All he could see was a dark triangular mass about 100 feet across. Only the front was lit, and the bottom appeared to have inset sections of different that would flash strobe-lights

See also: ET , Missing Time

Throughout the late 1980s, Cumbria was the host to many visitations of the Flying Triangles. Sometimes these craft were described as being black and sleek in design, with the ability to accelerate at great speed.

See also: Speed


The objects were dull-grey, oblong delta-shaped craft. The second one was observed with a fuselage or tubular structure running underneath the delta. It looked almost like an upside-down saucer from the rear (Exhibit 1L). But, they were delta-shaped objects with lights near the apex."

See also: Beam , Highway , Hover

A Triangular-shaped object with shining lights was seen at close range. More than 120 people, including thirteen police officers, were among the witnesses.

See also: Nocturnal

Francesco Valenzano (an Air Force meteorologist specialist) while driving with his daughter saw a large, trianglular-shaped object drift along slowly, just above the buildings of the town square.


As the description of the UFOs continued to shift from the traditional "saucer" to "strange aircraft", "deltoids", "boomerangs", etc., the problems became more complex (Exhibit 1M) It was easier for the skeptics to "throw out" many cases and harder for the media to become interested.

See also: Boomerang

It had been suggested that when there were reliable sightings of a triangular-shaped object, the Belgium Air Force would response with American-made F-16 fighters. When several police officials and a host of other civilian witnesses reported seeing an object, the fighters were dispatched.

See also: Radar , Scramble , Speed

A huge, triangular craft photographed over Tagresk, Russia, in March 1990.

The Italian TV station RAI-Uno report on the Belgian UFO encounter of March 30-31,1990. Soundtrack is in Italian. It includes a high quality nighttime filming of an anomalous triangular shaped craft exhibiting white lights on each tip and another in the center of the craft, the "Lock-on" incidents involving the scrambled F-16's which were sent to intercept the anomalous craft. This clip displays an object/target acquired through the Pilot's Heads up display Unit or H.U.D. and the whole incident was recorded on camera. Colonel de Bouwer's press conference is shown at the end of the clip.

See also: Scramble

Jean-Pierre Pharabod. Kodak 200 ASA film, Praktika BX20 with Cokin 1A skylight filter on zoom setting, exposure 2 seconds af f4.


Two photographs taken by J. S. Henrardi in Wallonia, Belgium on 15 June 1990, and were released for public viewing in 2003.

Corydon, Indiana. FIs Delehanty, Baker & Tipton. There were two witnesses in this rural sighting. "Ms. M." and her girl companion described the lights as shaped like a triangle with three lights, one light on each side, and one on top with a smaller red light in the middle. She thought there may be something connecting all these lights, some sort of structure. The light followed her car, seeming to stop and hover at times, change direction, ascend up and down. As the car approached the Louisville area, the lights disappeared from view. When closest to them the object was reportedly at around 125 yards distant, and at one point 80-100' from the ground. The only sound reported was a humming sound. Duration of sighting: 25- minutes. Both girls visibly shaken.

See also: Highway , Hover , Hum

In a windy & rainy night the witness's 6-year-old son and 10month old daughter were in the living room watching TV. This was in the top floor of a 3-story apartment with a huge window overlooking a cow pasture. Her son suddenly started screaming and the witness ran to see what was going on. She then saw something going over the building at very close range. It was a well-rounded, triangular shaped, black "machine." It apparently came very close, as the witness was able to see raindrops on it. The object had a ridge around it with red lights, blue lights along the bottom, and a round dark spot in the center. As it went over the building, 2 red lights, 1 on each side, blinked off and on 4 times. 4 beeping sounds accompanied this. After getting a better look the witness noticed a dark bulge hanging out the bottom, and 3 small rounded windows that were dimly lit with yellowish light. Through a pair of binoculars the witness was able to see movement like a shadow behind the middle window. Soon after this incident the witness phone began to behave strangely, ringing at all hours, when she answered it, it was just loud static. The fire alarm system also went haywire in the building.

See also: Beeping , Blinking

Jennifer Biels, Richard Grayson, and Todd Phillips. Looking up, they saw a large glowing sphere eighty feet in diameter, surrounded by three smaller triangle shaped objects.

See also: Cylinder , Sphere , Beam , Crash , Radiation , Star Wars Weapon

Phillip Imbrogno. "From 1982 through 1990, there were over 3,000 sightings of triangular and boomerang shaped UFOs."

See also: Boomerang

Dark gray-black and triangular or boomerang. Three dim red lights on it, one near each point of the triangle. The lights were not, according to one witness, points of light like a star, but circles of light.

See also: Boomerang , Speed

A major Flying Triangle incident occurred with the possible crash of a RAF Tornado fighter jet during a chase of a Flying Triangle.

See also: Scramble

A British Airways Boeing 737 had a near midair collision with a triangular-shaped object. Captain, Roger Williams, and the first officer, Mark Stuart, reported seeing the craft. Flight recorders: "...we just had something go down the [right-hand side] just above us very fast."

See also: Aeronautics , Speed

There was a series of sightings over St. Petersburg in Russia. While some of the sightings were of disk-shaped craft, at least one of them was of a triangular-shaped object with a number of lights on it.

See also: Disc

Cameraman Bartolome Vazquez filmed the maneuvers of a triangular UFO which he described as an "upside down steam iron."

See also: Maneuver , Scramble

Louis Boisvert. The same night that witnesses saw a large triangular vessel hovering over the town of Buckingham, Quebec, farmer Louis Boisvert, 19, saw a very large metallic triangular craft with a set of red lights hovering over a barn, while plowing snow on his tractor. The craft seemed to very slowly fly over the barn. The light coming form the triangle did not illuminate the ground or even the roof of the barn. The craft then suddenly left.

See also: Abduction , ET , Hover

At 9:30 p.m. - One of the witnesses who had earlier witnesses with his wife the giant wide-angle triangle reported that when he was later at home, he saw in the distance what appeared to be the return of the triangle, this time with only three lights on, one at each corner. As the UFO hovered near the Deer Valley Airport in northwest Phoenix, he saw two military jets approach the triangle, with one jet seen to pass one side of it and the other seen to fly up under it, veering down at the last moment to avoid midair collision.

See also: Hover , Scramble


A small clip of the famous triangular shaped UFO recorded by an unknown cameraman in Israel during 1998. This craft captured on film in Israel looks similar to the anomalies captured on film and chased by F-16 aircraft above Belgium during 1990.

See also: Scramble

Craft a cross between Triangle/Chevron/Arrowhead/Diamond; clear, starry night; witnessed what I believe to be: quiet, low humming craft with 2 bright banks of lights (what appeared to be rather halogenic red/clear/blue), approximately 500-1000ft above ground. Dull body surface in a darker color, i.e., it was not silver/white/red/blue/green/purple/orange, etc. It was, perhaps gray/brown/black.


A good example of some structural details of these aircraft comes from an eyewitness in Port Washington Wisconsin who encountered a large object that flew over her home at 500 feet altitude in October 1998. The witness’s husband is a graphics artist, so a graphic reconstruction from the pair shows a football field-sized, wedge-shaped object with flashing red, blue and white “disco lights”. Image Courtesy: NIDS

See also: Chevron , Diamond , |Glow , Hum

Several police officers tracked a huge unidentified triangular-shaped object near Scott AFB.

The officer saw what he described as a triangular dark object with lights at each corner and extended illumination across the back.
One officer took a photo with a Polaroid, and while the cold morning interfered with the performance of the camera, he obtained the image of an object with multiple lights.

See also: Base

The triangular shaped object was at least the size of a football field, several hundred feet on all sides. The corners were slightly rounded, and its exterior exhibited a distinct texture. It moved without a sound. A faint whining sound occurred simultaneously with the glow of lights on the underneath of the craft. A white light, which was visible at each of its three corners. A red light strobed from the middle of the belly. The craft moved "like a hockey puck gliding over ice,--very smooth and unwavering."


Wisconsin UFO Sightings

I had purchased a cheap digital camera and had cannibalized it to make an inexpensive CCD imaging system for my telescope. That morning I had gotten up early in the AM to try and get some pictures of Mars - which was rising early in the morning that time of year. As I recall Mars was close to Venus and it was a very pretty morning. Anyway I took a few pictures but was not pleased with the results - Mars was very small. It was also very blurry because Mars was somewhat lower on the horizon than would be desired. It was very cold, and it was just starting to get light out (although the sun was about a half hour or so from rising). Also, although the sky was clearer than normal, there were still just too many clouds. So I decided to try just a few more and then pack up. If you ever used a telescope you know that you have to constantly readjust the direction that it is pointing because as the earth turns the object that the telescope is pointing at quickly moves out of view. It was while doing this that I noticed a bright object passing slowly overhead. I assumed it was a satellite - but I thought it would be fun to try and point the telescope at it and take a picture. It took me a few moments to readjust the telescope. When I finally got it pointed at the object I was surprised to see on my LCD that through the telescope the camera picked up quite a bit of detail. I knew then that this wasn't an ordinary satellite. I was expecting just a fine point of light. However the sunlight on the object indicated (to me at least) that the object was quite high, since down on the ground it was still dark. It was quite difficult to maintain the telescope so that it remained pointed at the moving object (as you can imagine). But I managed to take about 20 pictures and fill up the memory card on my camera. Most of the pictures did not turn out very well and are horribly blurred. What I sent you is the best few. -- Anonymous


The following is a preliminary report of this event in Puerto Rico -- the flight of a large triangular UFO over Puerto Rico. At this time only one person has photographed the object, but we are aware that more people saw it, including administrative personnel from the [Luis Munoz Marin International] Airport.

See also: Glow

I saw a triangular shaped object in the sky. At first I figured it was a big plane, maybe a stealth bomber. As it came closer, I noticed this craft was huge. It covered up the moon, when it got directly overhead is when I freaked out. On each side of the bottom of the object where long bars of pulsing lights. In the middle of the back of the triangle were 2 strobes, one red and one blue, very bright.

The aircraft made a humming noise, not like an airplane but more like the sound of a computer humming.

See also: Hum

Sketch of the object and location by the witness.

Raw (first-hand) report from witness (reported Jan. 15, 2008):

My son saw this on his way to work. He drives from Denton, by way of the back roads. Its a faster route to work. At approx. 6.50am he turned east on sr.455 from Running Bear road. He saw bright white lights coming over the hill, on the opposite side of the dam. His first thought was (air craft). He had been in the Navy, in the past. He is familiar with aircraft. He started looking for the red and green lights. Not only did he not see them, but it was flying very slow approx. 30 mph. 30-50 yards away. It seemed to be hugging the shore line, flying at eye level. He slowed down, opened the car window, observed the craft as it went past. It made no sound at all. Black and gray in color. Delta shape. No bigger than his 1978 thunderbird. Rectangular rear, with three large round openings in side. No apparent thrust, no fire, etc. The top of the craft looked as if it had an extended canopy. Running about three quarters of the way down the fuselage. It was matallic as well. The bottom looked like it had panel lines. As I said, it had three white lights under it. Non blinking! He stopped by the house for a refill on his coffee, told my wife about it, drew a picture of the craft, and wrote down all details, then went off to work. After telling a co-worker at the shop his story, the guy told him he had seen it as well. But thinking people would think he was nuts, didnt say anything. His friend had seen it in Sanger (the town on the other side of the dam). Later the news cast ran a story on a sighting in Stevenville Tx. Thay are approx. 60 mi. south of us. The object thay saw, was very large. I see no comparison to that craft, but wonder if thay are related in some way. All I have to say is, is it one of ours? (This tecnnology is out of this world.)

See also: Dam

I saw six white lights in a straight horizontal line, plus there was one blinking, smaller red light above the far-right light. At my relatively close range, I estimated the thing at two to three football fields wide. I’ve never seen anything flying remotely as big as this, in my life, or heard of any plane so large. The whole array was moving very slowly, maybe 15-30 mph. I had the feeling I was looking at the trailing edge of a huge wing, or perhaps the edge of a disc.


Quiet/Silent UFO with 3 glowing amber lights in a triangle formation and one glowing amber light between the two rear amber lights. The UFO also has 2 bright white strobe lights down the middle of the triangle at opposing ends.

image rendering

I was exiting off of Route 18 North on December 2, 2010, and began to merge onto Route 1 South, at 8 PM, and noticed a low-altitude object with three bright white lights over the highway. I thought at first it was a plane, but I noticed there were no red, green, or flashing navigation lights visible. I was trying to get a better visual while driving but this object was large enough and flying low so I was able to get a good look at it going 50 mph down the highway.

It was triangular in shape with three bright white lights on each corner. The edges of the craft were illuminated slightly and there was also a red light toward the center of the craft that was also steady and not blinking. The object was headed in a northerly direction right over Route 1 as I was headed south. The sheer size of the craft was immense and I was reluctant to post this sighting until I did some research on large military cargo planes like the Galaxy and Globe master. However, I do not believe that the object was any of these planes. Secondly, I do not believe a military cargo plane would be devoid of proper navigation lights and flying at such a low altitude. The above image is a rendering. This case is under investigation by Jack Nicholias. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey

Triangle-shape craft Resources:

Apex lights (circular shape) on each point.

Dark gray-black color.

Size = Large