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ET Wear - Tunic

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After being directed to go to an isolated area to meditate & repeat certain words, the main witness and two friends were sitting on a clearing and had just finished chanting the words, when they opened their eyes and found themselves surrounded by three very tall majestic appearing humanoids. One being stood in front of each witness. The beings appeared to be talking to each other using a strange musical singsong language that the men were unable to understand. They were described as human like, white, with light penetrating blue/green eyes. They were bald and their skin seemed to have a certain phosphorescent glow almost like an aura. They all wore white long sleeve tunics. The beings appeared to comment among themselves something about the witnesses then suddenly disappeared in plain sight.

Franc Wolf was lying in bed unable to sleep when suddenly a beam of light came in through the window, shining in the center of the room. At the end of the beam a cloud seemed to form, from which gradually the shape of an old man-like figure emerged. The figure resembled what an ancient "Greek" would look like clad in a white tunic like those the classical Romans used to wear. His hair and beard were white. The figure floated in the center of the room staring at Wolf, who could suddenly no longer move. The figure suddenly disappeared as if switched off. And the beam of light gradually yielded back out the window. At this point Wolf was able to move and ran to the window to see a disc-shaped craft quickly departing the area.