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ET Communication - Vocalization

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Gilbert Calda. One 4-ft tall being, dark coveralls, large eyes; children roller-skating, shiny round craft landed near them, being emerged, made unintelligible sound; they ran away.

Artist Walter Molino's impression of the incident, from the cover of the Nov. 14, 1954 issue of "La Domenica del Corriere," an illustrated Sunday supplement to the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera."

Vigorous, lively, they were talking away "as though they were Chinese. They kept saying: 'liu.1 lai,' 'loi,' 'lau.* 'loi,' 'lai,' 'liu,' "

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John Trasco. One 2-1/2- to 3-ft tall being, green garb, putty-colored face, chin, large bulging eyes; man saw 9- to 12-ft.-long luminous egg-shaped UFO, confronted by being who spoke in broken English.


Everett Clark. Four human-looking beings, unintelligible vocal sounds, entered cigar-shaped craft on ground as if "walking through glass," took off silently; elliptical imprint 5 ft. x 24 ft. found in grass.

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Malvan Stephens. Three 4-1/2-ft tall beings, gray garb, dark hair, "pasty white" faces; truck driver blocked by large gray egg-shaped craft on road; door opened, beings emerged, made chattering sound; craft departed straight up at high speed.


Gary Wilcox. Two 4-ft.-tall beings, silver-white garb, egg-shaped craft just above ground; beings communicated in English.


Edmund Travis (age nine), Randy Travis (age seven), Floyd Moore, Billy Dunlap, Garry Dunlap. The little man kept making strange hollow noises, similar to a kazoo.

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Sao Joao. Two small, brown-skinned humanoids, one-piece garb; two discs landed, beings emerged, objects rose a few meters, unintelligible vocalizations.

From her window she saw two small figures apparently speaking to each other.



...the beings conversing with modulated whistles.

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Dionisio Yanca. They spoke among themselves in a buzzing sound, but to the witness when he was aboard with a radio.


Carlos Argue Balvidares. Meanwhile the beings continued to maneuver over the surface of the pond, communicating by "a kind of shriek, like the sound made by a radio which is poorly tuned."

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Three small beings, gray skin, clawed hands descended from disc-shaped craft with four legs atop hospital, made squeaky vocal sounds, saw witness, reentered craft and took off.


As he stood watching he felt somebody touch his arm, as he turned around two tall blond men wearing silvery one-piece coveralls confronted him. The men had several strange instruments hanging from pockets on the coveralls. They spoke to the witness in a soft melodic unknown language. While they spoke, one of the men took out a small apparatus from his pocket and seemed to adjust it. Suddenly their language became clear and understood by the witness, who spoke German. They spoke to the witness, telling him that they originated from the star cluster known as Proxima Centauri.


The flying thing was shaped like a cylinder, and he [Joao de Brito] could hear voices coming from it, in an unknown language.



Manuel Gordillo, "I saw the man up to the waist, as I was stretched out on the ground. The light was behind him, and I couldn't make out well what he was wearing. It seemed to me he was wearing shoes or boots, and he was speaking. The voice seemed as if he was in a deep well, it was like 'Mnn, mmm.'"

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Meagan Quezet, Five or six 1.5-meter-tall beings, human appearing, white coveralls, emerged from truncated egg-shaped craft, high-pitched vocal sounds, reentered and took off with buzzing sound.


These approached the witness; signaled to him, then spoke in an unknown language.

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The woman said she had been approached by a man with a "Scandinavian-type accent" dressed in a flying suit-style outfit while out walking on a sports field near Norwich, eastern England, in 1989.

She claimed to have been "completely terrified" during the 10-minute encounter. Running home, she said she had then seen a large glowing object rising vertically from behind some nearby trees.


The being did not resist capture at all, apparently looking as if it was dizzy and making the sound likened to that of bees.

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