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UFO Activity - Water (H2O)

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Two "little fellows" were on this deck-like substructure, and appeared to be busy with a hose which looked to be about two and a half inches in diameter. The hose was green and on the end of it was a round object.


Two bright green hoses extended into the water, and during the sighting, a distinct humming sound could be heard. The witnesses thought that water was being taken into the ship with one hose and that it was being discharged back into the lake through the other.

|Disc|Tilt On Angle|ET|Humming Sound|Water|

A miner, John Q Black, was in Marble Creek Canyon on 3/20/53 when he saw something “like a piece of circular aluminum” coming down. On 5/20/53, he saw the saucer on the ground in the canyon, & saw it take off, leaving rocks near the stream hot & ashes in the water. On 6/20/53, at the same time he saw a middle aged little man 4-4.5 tall, with black hair, bushy eyebrows and a small mouth, wearing a green seamless parka, a peaked billed cap with a cord running around it, dipping up a bucket of water. The bucket was about a foot long and flared out in the middle; the handle was square and looked as if it was made of foam rubber. Black added that the little man was broad-shouldered and with a barrel chest, his shoes were dull black, apparently without heels and seemed extremely flexible. Beside him was the saucer, looking like “a couple of soup plates put together,” about 8 ft wide & 4-4.5 ft thick, with one small window and a tripod landing gear. It was only 40 ft from Black. The pilot re-entered the craft, which took off at a 45-degree angle with a hissing sound.

|Disc|ET|Landing Gear|Water|

A reported landing of a silvery disc from which a tall human like occupant resembling the “Adamski” type beings, with long blond hair and wearing a sky blue coverall emerged. He reportedly walked to a nearby stream and obtained some water; he then went back into the object and took off. No other information.


They then placed the hose into the river and appeared to be pumping water out of the river.


Joe Simonton. The aliens did not speak in his presence, but they had a silvery jug with two handles, heavier than aluminum but lighter than steel, about a foot high. It seemed to be made out of the same material as the craft. Simonton said it was "a beautiful thing, a Thermos jug-like bottle quite unlike any jug I have ever seen here [on Earth]." Through ESP or something, Simonton got the idea that the aliens wanted water.


A farmer was alone in his house when he suddenly heard someone knocking on his window; he stepped out to check and was confronted by two men that asked him for water. The two men wore silvery outfits, had light skin and dark hair, with very attractive features, and looked very similar to each other. The witness brought them a bottle of Seltzer water and asked them if they spoke English. They did not reply and then walked towards a nearby huge dazzling hovering object. The witness panicked and went to notify the police, but both the object and the men had departed when he returned with the authorities.


It rose slightly in the air, hovered briefly above an open 10,000-gallon water tank, and then landed 50 feet away. The rancher jumped on a motorcycle and sped toward the object, which was making a "whistling" sound. Suddenly, an "awful scream" sounded as a black tube extended from the UFO's base. With an ear-splitting bang the strange craft rose into the air. A blast of hot air almost knocked the witness down.

Where the disc had landed could be found a ring of black, flattened grass 30 feet in diameter. When he examined it in the daylight, the witness discovered that all the yellow flowers within the circle had been removed. Only green grass remained. But even more bizarre, the water tank was empty, with no evidence of spillage. Only the muddy residue at the bottom of the tank was left, and there was something peculiar about even this: It had been pulled into a two-foot-high cone shape. The witness was sick with headaches and nausea for more than a week afterward.

A similar ring was found the following December at Bundalaguah, not far from Rosedale. The water in a nearby reservoir was also mysteriously missing.

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