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Weaponizing Space

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Long Island UFO Network. John Ford. J.B. Michaels. Alleged downing of a UFO. Beams of light rose from the ground striking UFO according to witnesses.

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One of the strongest players in the new Bush team is Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

In an attachment to a report by the House Committee on Science and Astronautics (H.R. 7500, House Report 591), six dissenting Republicans proposed that military space needs-not the lunar landing goal- be at the center of the U.S. space program.
"This country should direct itself toward (military development of) inner space (defined as 500 miles up and lower) and not place our top priority in the direction of the Moon."

The name of that dissenter 38 years ago? A Congressman from Illinois named Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Donald H. Rumsfeld, who is now the Secretary of Defense. If the U.S. is to avoid a 'Space Pearl Harbor.'

Strong and almost unanimous opposition to weaponization of space has been expressed in the United Nations. -- Union of Concerned Scientists

Why are so many Admirals involved with the nuclear weapons contract big?

The reason why the Navy and the Admirals are predominantly involved in the weapons is that until the Space military launch posts are ready and positioned with the minimum degree of reliability, the US Navy has more than 70 % of the first and second strike capability on its boats and hence an equivalent amount of the budget earmarked for strategic systems. -- Admiral Vishnu Baghwat, July 17, 2004

America also has abandoned the prohibition of "first use" of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear nations and is contemplating the previously condemned deployment of weapons in space. -- Jimmy Carter.

In order to sell this space warfare program to the American people, the Pentagon has labeled it “missile defense.” But in reality the program is all about offensive engagement and was first spelled out in the 1997 Space Command plan, Vision for 2020, that called for U.S. “control and domination” of space.

Federation of American Scientists | US Space Command Vision for 2020 [1000k PDF]:

Some Capital Hill staffers on military affairs commimittees said they think the administration's tough talk on space defense may be setting the stage for a future budget request, especially for funds to start a controversial space-based "test-bed" of missle interceptors that could be used in a future missle defense system.