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UFO Sound - Whirling, Whirring

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A shepherd was guarding his flock of sheep in an isolated grassy area when suddenly the animals scattered in a panic. He heard a rushing sound and saw a large metallic domed object emerge from what appeared to be an artificial fog and land nearby. The witness approached the object and touched it; he felt a strong electrical shock and was knocked unconscious. The witness later woke up and found himself on a different field surrounded by several short entities, described as having large heads, large slanted almond shaped eyes, narrow mouths and small noses, they had bulging foreheads with short stubby hair. They all had boxes on their chests with tubes protruding from it. At times they appeared to grasp the tubes and breath into it. The beings gesticulated and spoke among themselves in an unknown language. Nearby sat the object still encased in a mist. Next to the craft stood five other humanoids that began collecting soil samples and placing them into large containers. Finally all the humanoids re-entered the object, which took off at high speed emitting a loud whining sound. Burnt spots were found at the scene where the object was said to have landed.

|Dome|ET|Landing Mark|Soil|Speed|Whining sound|

On Capri, an artist, Raffael Castelle, saw a disc 5 meters in diameter land on the property of Curzio Malaparte. On approaching, he discovered it was not a helicopter & saw 4 dwarfs wearing coveralls emerge from it. After 30 minutes the craft made a soft whirring sound & rose vertically, leaving blue sparks.

|Disc|ET|Whirring sound|

As witnesses included two USAF colonels, two sergeants and dozens of base personnel observed the craft before it took off with a 'whirring' sound.


Hearing a loud whirring noise, Mrs S waked her husband, who went out and saw a strange object 50 feet in diameter hovering 25 feet above a nearby pond. Shaped like two metallic saucers face to face, and of aluminum like appearance, it had a clear bubble like canopy on the edge of the upper disc facing him; from elongated holes around the rim orange flames were issuing. Inside the canopy, illuminated by a greenish light, he could see the silhouettes of two "lobster claw-like" hands. The witness walked toward it yelling and waving his arms, where upon it moved slowly and silently away; then it began to spin rapidly with a loud whirring sound, tilted at an angle of 30-45 degrees, and took off at a very high speed. He noticed a smell lingering in the air like that from a lighted match.

|Disc|ET|Rotate|Speed|Sulfur|Tilted on angle|Whirring sound|

He was alongside a riverbank when he heard a loud whirring sound.


Harold Lenz. It made a loud whirring noise.

|ET|Highway|Interference|Landing Legs|Repair|Whirring noise|

A motorist saw a glowing object overhead, suddenly his car engine stalled, and a smaller circular metallic object landed besides the road. His car radio, which had been turned off, began to broadcast in a strange language. A tiny metallic robot like figure appeared in the doorway of the object. It then dug up some dirt and placed it inside the craft. The doorway then closed, the object then turned a bright red color and rose into the sky emitting a whirring sound. It appeared to join the large glowing craft overhead.


H C was resting in his camper when he heard a whirring sound outside. A disc shaped object landed nearby on 4 legs and from it emerged 4 small but human like occupants, 3 men and a woman; all were masked. They spoke in a high, vibrating "singsong" manner but the witness was able to understand and was invited to inspect the craft. The main section was like an army barracks; the pilot's quarters were simple, with numerous lights and buttons to push. He spent 10minutes onboard, being advised that was as long as he could safely remain. Outside, he again heard the whirring noise and a rotor on the object began whirling and flashing colored lights were seen rotating inside the craft, through windows. The object rose straight up and disappeared from view. He later claimed to no longer be bothered by asthma, which he'd had all his life.

|Disc|ET|Landing Legs|Whirring sound|

Ronald Johnson. It made a sound that Ronald described as like that of an old washing machine which vibrates.

|Mushroom-shaped|Animal Reaction|Injury|Landing Trace|Whirling|


Mike Shea. He then saw a large shiny craft hovering nearby emitting a low whirring sound and a smaller craft on the ground.

|Missing Time|Beam|Hover|Whirring sound|

A whirring sound could be heard.


It sounded mechanical, like the pings of submarine sonar, and it had a peculiar rotational quality to it, like a Doppler effect.


Mrs Kay Peterson and Mrs Vi Camp were leaving Mrs Peterson’s house when they spotted an object with 2 bright lights hovering over the woods about 300 yards away. It was boomerang shaped, with 2 small wings. They called Mr. & Mrs Wayne Tomlin to see it. About 2 minutes later the object took off, passing over their heads with a low whirring sound. They could see a semicircle of red lights on the underside, and Mrs. Camp saw a small window in which a figure was visible from the waist upward.


Car bathed in red light three times by an object emitting a whirling sound.


Giorgio Filiputti. There was immediately a kind of whirling movement of air coming from the zone located behind.

|Disc|Cupola|ET|Landing Feet|Landing Trace|Repair|Whistling|Whirling|

Strange loud swirling sound changed into a beeping sound as object passed overhead.


Alfred Burtoo. "And then I heard this whining noise, just as if an electric generator was starting up, and this thing lifted up then took off at a very high speed."

|Disc|ET|Speed|Whining Noise|

Evelyn Galson states: I had a strange experience on 1998, which was a Thursday. It was 10:30 PM and I had gone downstairs when I heard an unusual whirling sound. I hurried up and opened the front door and I saw an object in the sky, it was traveling north. I couldn't see the shape but there were two white lights, one on top and one on the bottom. The whirling sound was coming from this object and when the object left my field of view the sound stopped. On Dec. 15, 1998, I saw another object. It was 6:00 AM in the morning and I had gone downstairs to brew some coffee, when I heard a whirling sound. This time the whirling sound was deep, the sound I heard on December 11th was a high pitched whirling sound. I went to the window and looked out. I then noticed an object in the sky with multiple red and white flashing lights. It looked like it had about 6 or 7 lights on it. But the lights were not blinking like you see on airplanes, but brightly flashing. I have seen many airplanes and helicopters, but have never seen anything like this. This object was traveling north also and when the object moved further away the whirling sound got lower and lower until it stopped. I was listening for the usual sound an airplane makes, but I only heard the whirling sound. The object was about 40 degrees above the horizon and its size was the size of a dime held at arm’s length.

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