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UFO - Portholes/Windows

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Pilot and crew of C-47 aircraft saw a cigar-shaped object with luminous portholes.
Altituded of 4,000 ft.
Estimated size of object twice that of a B-29 bomber.


Capt. Jack Adams and First Officer G.W. Anderson. "This object remained in full view for about 30 seconds and we got a good look. It had no navigation lights, but as it passed ahead of us in an arc we could plainly see other lights -- as though from eight or 10 lighted windows or ports -- on the lower side...."

The night was so dark that neither Adams nor Anderson could detect any dark or solid outline to the object. They assume that it was circular only because the lighted "portholes" were arranged in a circle.



George Adamski.

Brad Mildern. A flat bottomed disc with a turret type dome on top with windows and the old 3 ball type undercarriage protrusions beneath it. The flashing lights were coming from a point directly under the middle of the disc. I had seen pictures of the original flying saucers, which by that time, had been resoundingly debunked by officialdom and ridiculed by the press so I was not a stranger to what it was. Nor were my parents and my neighbors. There was one difference I noted from the pictures though. Where the old pictures showed round porthole type windows, this craft had vertically elongated rectangular windows with rounded tops. Just like the narrow church windows you sometimes see. All of us watched that disc hovering there without movement or change until after 1 PM, almost 2 hours. Having other things to do, we gradually broke up and went away and the next time I looked for it, it was gone. With multiple witnesses watching this UFO in daylight for such a long period through a telescope, I conclude that there is no doubt it was an alien constructed flying machine. What its reasons for being there and all the other question as to where it came from, etc., remain unknown, but one thing is for sure…. It shaped my belief in the phenomenon for the rest of my life. Brad Mildern January 5, 2004.


The craft then tilted at a 45-degree angle, which lowered the edge of it even closer to the witness. He could now see clearly inside. At each window sat two pairs of people, there were about two dozen windows.

|Disc|Dome|Interference|No Seams|Rotate|Tilted at a 45-degree angle|


UFO photographed by Gabriel Kozora at New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA, on 28th June 1967 while he was photographing his young son. He said the object was about 60 feet long and it hovered overhead for about 15 seconds before heading northwest. Another source says it flew over from south to north. The witness was quoted as saying he was all shook up, wanted no publicity, and believed that the government was responsible for objects.

Elizabeth Douglas. One humanoid visible inside disc with dome, square windows, as craft flew low past house.


Two humanoid figures seen in window of saucer-shaped craft (see Dyad case).



Two young men, P. Aliranta and E J Sneck. Through 3 windows on the upper part of the object, 3 more entities could be seen.

|Disc|ET|Buzz|Heat|Hum|Landing Legs|Landing Trace|

D. Donaldson. Two silhouetted human-like figures visible in windows of hovering disc.


Robert P. Sartin. The UFO, appeared to be about the size of a basketball court and had a thickness, one-half its width. The object looked like "one saucer inverted on top of another and had a row of flashing windows through its middle." It had red, white and yellow lighted windows and hovered in the area overhead for about 10 minutes, before it flew sideways, then moved up and away at an unbelievable speed as it disappeared in the sky.

|Disc|Dam|Power Plant|Turn On Side|

Line drawing of the Lebanon object by artist Brian James. (credit: APRO)

Mr. Walter Hamady. Hamady described the object seen through, the binoculars as two saucers placed on top of each other with a perpendicular plane of windows that went all the way around the craft. There was a light inside that was not strange, simply looking like house lights at night, warm and yellow in appearance. On top of the craft, he said, was a dome also lit up in the same way as the windows. In back of it or in the lee of the direction it was moving were two lights. Hamady can no longer recall what color these lights were but his wife recalls that one was red and the other was green. There was no exhaust, noise or visible means of propulsion, and the movement was steady. The object proceeded steadily into the southeast, at about the speed of a propelior-driven aircraft, and disappeared from view. See line drawing of the Lebanon object by artist Brian James.



A large, domed disc then came out of the north, heading south. It was described as "at least thirty feet across, round, and looked like two dinner plates; one sitting normal, the other face down on it, and a dome on top." It was metallic gray with colored lights on it but the main witness was not sure where the lights were located on the object. She reported something that looked like "large windows where the dome was on the round saucer part." (Exhibit 2C)


Hugo Vega. Enlargement of a Polarid photo showing an Adamski-type saucer, taken by architect Hugo Vega 31 miles from Lima, Peru, October 19, 1973.

" It was of the colour of burnished silver [and] shaped like an overturned soup plate with a cupola on top. At the very top of the cupola, there was a round object giving off a fixed, sky-blue light. Lower on the cupola, we could see a row of small windows like port-holes in a ship."


First saw the blue-green, metallic object. It was shaped like two disks "pressed inward toward each other." The rotating rim had what appeared to be windows illuminated by blue, green and fluorescent gray lights. The object was about 500 feet in diameter and made no sound, The UFO caver about the sky. Sometimes it hovered, wobbling as it did so. The object shot up into the sky, then sped off at an abrupt ninety-degree angle.


It had the shape of a giant Oreo cookie, a metal top, middle section partitioned off into what looked like darkened windows and the bottom was just like the top.


Domed disc with light, door and two windows, circle over two girls.



At 9:30 p.m. several children at a youth camp in Tasmania, Australia at Seven-Mile Beach observed a stationary, dome-shaped object hovering near the beach. The object then moved behind some trees, partially obscuring it. On the dome was a row of windows through which at least two of the children reported seeing a thin humanoid figure with a round head. It seemed to be moving back and forth behind the window. One child described the object as similar to two plates placed edge to edge, with flashing yellow white lights along the edge and a red light on top of the dome. The object disappeared from view behind the trees.



Barry Smith, Gary Oikle. The object was described as a huge triangular shaped object with huge windows and three white lights at the corners. The size was estimated from "a quarter of the size of a football field" to 150-200 feet om each side", the object moved very slowly, hovering at times, in a southeastern direction following the contour of the ridges just above the trees.


Alan Godfrey, with a drawing of the craft. (credit: Evans and Stacy)

Police officer Alan Godfrey was on routine patrol when he encountered a metallic disc with a dome and a row of windows.

|Disc|Dome|ET|Landing Trace|Metallic|Missing Time|Rotation|

Strange loud swirling sound changed into a beeping sound as object passed overhead.
Witness saw a circular object wobbling above trees, huge silver metallic double decker cake shape, dome structure on top with windows, flashing lights along exterior.


A large disc-shaped UFO followed a Piper airplane from Cordoba to Resistensia, Argentina. It reportedly maneuvered at great speed, and changed color from silver to orange. The plane's compass oscillated between 0.5 and 270 degrees, and there were several other variations noted in other onboard instruments.


Two witnesses driving back home after dropping off a friend spotted what appeared to be a bright star approaching their vehicle. They stopped at an intersection to watch and noticed another man in a station wagon doing the same thing. As the object came closer they could make out a saucer shaped craft. The object hovered over the vehicle about a 2 story high building. On the lower part of the UFO there was a bright light and it was surrounded by what seemed about a ten-foot section area, which all of a sudden started emitting multicolored lights. It seemed as if there was a pattern to the lights as they went in different directions. Above the area where the lights were being emitted there were what seemed to be glass windows and the witnesses could make out figures moving inside. The figures were human shaped except that they had very long and thin arms. Frightened the witnesses drove away and the UFO followed them for what seemed to be about five to ten minutes. As they approached the city lights the object suddenly took off in the opposite direction. Looking back the witnesses spotted three military helicopters headed toward the general area where the UFO had gone.

|Disc|ET-Long Arms|Hover|Scramble|

Two beings in dark garb seen, one outside low-hovering disc with central row of windows, one in lighted doorway.



It had what looked like portholes all along the side of it. It was cigar shaped with a grey strip down the middle and a dark green on top and bottom. It was 400 to 500 yards away and about the size of a DC-3 plane or a full-size school bus. As I watched, it seemed to partially dematerialize and then return to solid form, it did this as it was moving, a couple of times. Then it dawned on me, oh, oh, I don't think I should be seeing this; it's a UFO and probably doesn't want to be seen!



Within seconds, an object (saucer with top & bottom domes) proceeded to pass him. (Exhibit 4J). UFO was size of standard car and tilted left to avoid hitting barn. It passed him, moved in front, then tilted right to avoid hitting house. Powerlines, trees were also adjacent to house. UFO went straight ahead and then shot straight up, paused and then accelerated out of sight. When the UFO passed (the car) there was a slight stall to his automobile engine, headlights, dashboard (lights) dimmed and radio went out for a few seconds. He saw windows in top and bottom domes. Object glowed a greenish- yellow. Multicolored lights seen around rim (primarily red, orange, but some blue and green). Object had bright blue light in center of bottom dome and antenna-like thing on both top and bottom domes. He described them as "weather vanes".


Danny Gordon, Roger Hall. It was very large, had a dome shape to the top of it, no wings, and what appeared to be strobe putting out multi-colored lights on the right side of the craft. Estimated size two football fields in diameter. Three huge picture windows in the back of it that were lit inside out. A red ball docked with the craft.

|Dome|Nocturnal|Sphere|MIB|Witness Harassment|Windows|


David D. I was walking approximately 200 meter, when I saw a "Flying Saucer". It was standing to the left of me and has three legs. All around it were colored lights. At the bottom were stairs and illuminated windows.

|Disc|ET|Hum|Interference|Landing Legs|Turn On Side|Windows|

A mother and her two young sons were resting in their home when they noticed a strange object hovering over a house across the street. The object was described as a domed gray disc with bright white windows around its circumference. The windows were wider at the bottom than at the top. A dark line seemed to rotate inside the windows. The object emitted a fuzzy white glow from its flat bottom. It then drifted slowly away. That same night the younger boy had a strange dream-like experience. He found himself at the nearby schoolyard where he saw several landed gray domed discs. A short gray skinned being befriended the boy then accompanied him back to the house. The boy remembers being told several "things" that he could not remember.


Illustration by witness Tim Todd.

Tim Todd. "I made out a row of windows around the craft," Tim said. "The windows looked very large."

|Disc|Dome|Hover|Humming|Power Lines|Missing Time|Speed|

Just offshore, 3 anglers saw a cigar shaped object hovering low over the water. The object had six windows along its edge and several man-like figures could be seen moving inside and looking out.


He had heard a deep rumbling sound, ahead of him and above, and saw a huge black craft moving towards him, its body saucer-shaped, but with two bat-like wings, one on each side. It hovered about five minutes, close enough for the witness to see that the main fuselage had two decks and a dome on top. He could even make out a small figure, wearing some kind of helmet, through the windows on one of the decks.


Two women watched from a 2nd story window a hovering disc shaped object right outside their upstairs window. They could see a hairy type creature inside the object through a large observation window. The craft was about 50 ft away from the house. When they yelled for their father to come and take a look the saucer shot straight up and vanished.


A hexagon-shaped object circled by lights had four square portholes on its bottom, was seen in St. Usuges, France. It flew away toward the north.


Carlos de Sousa. He stopped to check his car and on getting out, he saw a strange aircraft about 300 feet high in the sky, flying towards Tres Coraioes, crossing over the road at approximately 50mph. He could see details from a metallic surface that was well polished and reflecting the sunlight. It’s size calculated at around 35 feet in length and 12 feet wide, showing a slightly oval, cigar-shaped object. There were at least four round windows on each side of it and the front end had a hole three to four feet long, decreasing into a crack that took up half the length of the object’s right side, from which could be seen a white smoke coming out – similar to that of dry ice. According to the witness, it seemed to be damaged.