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ET Profile - Wrinkled Skin

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Gnomen seen by "R.H." on a raod near Loveland, Ohio, March, 1955. Note the frog like mouths, rolls of fat on brow and the lop-sided chest.

The witness woke up in the middle of the night after hearing a noise. She went to the window and saw two brown beings, about 4 ft tall. The beings were thin and had long arms; their heads were large in proportion to their bodies. The window was open and one of the humanoids came up and looked inside at the witness. Shocked and terrified, the witness hid under the bed the rest of the night. The beings walked upright and had huge black eyes. The one that came up to the window had brown wrinkly face. They wore similar combination dark outfits.



Charles Hickson. "It was very wrinkled, and it appeared to me to be something like an elephant skin but I don't know if it was a metal or what it was but it seemed to be very wrinkled with the wrinkles running horizontal."



From the elbows down the arms were narrow and wrinkled, like a chicken's legs.


Lyndia Morel. The rounded head was grayish (between gray and flesh tone), except for a darker color on top, and the face bore wrinkles or loose skin like an elephant's hide. Angling upward across the forehead, two large "egg-shaped" eyes with large dark pupils...


Japanese youngster indicates area near vineyard where a UFO touched down on February 23, 1975; and a sketch by one of the boys shows the craft and occupant. (credit: Leonard Stringfield / Dennis Hauck, director, International UFO Registry)

Masato Kawano (7 years old) and Katsuhiro Yamahata (7 years old). His skin was dark brown & he had pointed ears, but his large head had no eyes, nose or mouth, merely wrinkles on the "face," and 3 silver colored "fangs" 2" long where the mouth should be.

|Disc|ET|Landing Balls|Landing Trace|Radiation|

Time: night During a brief power outage in the area and around the same time a lighted object was seen cruising low overhead, several witnesses spotted a seven to eight foot tall dark hair covered figure. The figure had long dangling arms, bumps for ears, wrinkled skin on it face and claws-like hands. It was apparently seen at a wooded area.

|Arms - Long|Claws|Hairy|Wrinkled-skin|

Mrs Susanne Fortier, with her collie dog, was walking on the lawn behind her house. Hearing a "wind or whistle," she observed a small object land in the vicinity of the children's playhouse. It was about five feet in diameter, with 8 "pods or legs," windows or doors all around it, and an antenna on top. The interior was a bright red, or illuminated by a red light, and contained six occupants 3-foot tall who had long slit-like eyes, ape like noses, and no hair. The skin of their faces seemed very wrinkled. They wore gloves. Mrs Fortier could hear "a garble of voices" talking, like a bunch of CB voices, and felt extreme heat from the craft. She watched it for about 15 minutes, after which it rose straight up and flew off to the south. When she got back in the house she found her face and legs red from the heat. Her dog, which reacted noticeably to the object, would still not let her go near the area a month later. No traces were found at the site, which was muddy.

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Fortunato Zanfretta. He rocks and fall on the lawn. While falling the torch s' is lit, it s' in seizes and lights with height d' man, but sees only large horizontal pipes, posed l' one on l' other… to 3 m height it finds the head, green dark, of 60 cm width, enormous and luminous yellow eyes triangular, upwards tilted. On the face something d' indefinite luminous yellow with large irregular wrinkles, on the side of the species d' edges d' algae and in front of something like ears or horns right, pointed, rounds upwards. Hardly this finished fast inspection, l' frightening character disappears and the night watchman s' flees trying to join the car.

|Abduction|Interference|Whistle noise|

|ET-Wrinkle|Eyes - Tapering|


At 0300A Ed Walters had heard some strange voices that spoke Spanish. Thirty minutes later his dog started barking, he went to check the porch area and pulling a blind he saw a 4-foot tall being with large almond shaped eyes looking at him. The being wore some type of shield over its head, chest, and lower body and was holding a lighted rod in its right hand. The being turned around and ran towards a nearby open field. The witness was chasing the creature when he was suddenly struck by a blue beam of light, he was unable to move his legs and he fell to the ground, it felt as if the beam was holding him down. When he was finally able to move he ran back to the house and grabbed his camera and photographed a large bowl-shaped craft with darkened portholes and an illuminated orange ring on the bottom, he could also see the beam of blue light shining down on the ground.

Two young boys were retrieving groceries from the car when they noticed a bright light approaching at great speed emitting a jet-like sound. It also emitted fuzzy balls of blue light over a field, which then dissipated before hitting the ground. The light was now a domed metallic disc shaped object that now hovered above the witnesses. A bright white beam of light shone on one of the witnesses while the other ran and hid under the car. Multiple beams of light now circled the car. The domed disc now slid back a panel revealing two short humanoids, described as having gray wrinkled sink and claw-like hands. A third humanoid now appeared and moved with a mechanical like motion as he joined the other two. The dome then closed and the disc departed with the same jet-like roar. An unconfirmed account indicated that the nearby NASA facility at Wallops Island had lost its radar about the same time.

|Disc|Dome|Beam|ET|Hover|Jet-like roar|Radar|Speed|

Eduardo Martinez was driving on the road near the city when his vehicle engine and headlights suddenly quit. He stepped out his car and was approached by two men, wearing dark blue coveralls that had dark eyes, black hair, and wrinkled skin. The humanoids communicated via telepathy and told Martinez they were a peaceful race and did not wish to alter things on earth. Among other things the humanoids told Martinez, was that they have been visiting the earth since 1971 and had at different times taken earthlings up into their spaceships. No other information.


George Niedzwiedz remembers lying face down on his bed and being woke up by someone in the room standing at the back of the bed just to his right, it was touching the witness shoulder with some kind of instrument. It brought on a tingling sensation. He also heard some words in his mind saying "he wont be taking part of this one." The object was described as being small, cone shaped with a light at the tip. He remembers watching his wife leave the room without being able to prevent it. He felt that he was being deliberately being restrained in bed. He received the impression that the entity was "old or like a grandfather." Later the witness and his wife had a brief recollection of "beings" entering the room. These were small and wrinkly dressed in dark capes or cloaks. He felt that he had being picked up and carried out of the room.



Fifteen subjects mentioned seeing one or more entities who were prominently wrinkled. These were sometimes referred to as "old ones" and thought to be important figures.




Two adults reported seeing strange lights and then experienced a period of missing time. The witnesses reported another type of humanoid described as tall with a wrinkled appearance. This being inserted some type of rod-like instrument into their eyes.

|Missing Time|ET-Gray&Wrinkle|

Three strange beings exited the craft. These were described as having large red deep-set eyes, heads disproportionately large for their bodies. Their skin appeared to be wrinkled and greenish in color. One of the humanoids communicated telepathically with her telling her: "You are not happy here, leave this place. We will take you with us!" In a panic she attempted to fight off the humanoids and lost consciousness. The next morning she was found wandering the fields, disoriented and confused. Five strange bruises were found next to her right eye.