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UFO Shape - Cresent, Heel

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1940s. Germany, USA, Flying Wings

German Flying Wings (W.W.II).


Dr. Walter Horten considered this Ho VII with two 240 hp Argus engines to be the Horten brothers' most successful craft. It was to be used to familiarize pilots with the characteristics of powered tailless aircraft. Only one was completed and test flown about March 1945.


Arranged from left to right are models of four significant Horten designs: the pre-war Ho II and Ho III, the 1941 Ho IV, and the single-seat, 1942 Ho V

American Flying Wings (Post W.W.II)


Jack Northrop was on hand for an XB-35 test flight at Muroc (later Edwards AFB) on July 3, 1946. Photo credit: Northrop: An Aeronautical History.


These jet-powered Flying Wings were re-christened as the YB-49 model. Its first test flight out of Hawthorne took place on Oct. 21, 1947

June 24, 1947. Mount Rainier, Washington.

One of the objects, however, he would describe later as crescent-shaped, as shown in illustration at left.


"They seemed longer than wide. Their thickness was about 1/20 of their width."

"Mirror Bright"

In this interview with Ed Murrow:

"I assumed at the time they were a new formation or a new type of jet, though I was baffled by the fact that they did not have any tails. They passed almost directly in front of me, but at a distance of about 23 miles, which is not very great in the air. I judged their wingspan to be at least 100 feet across."
June 24, 1947 Mount Ranier, Washington The shape drawn by [Kenneth] Arnold in the report submitted to Project Sign (later Project Blue Book) was of a heel-shaped object. 11    
July 4, 1947 Roswell, New Mexico One was the Roswell Crash. Instances in which heel-shaped craft were reported. 11   Crash
July 7, 1947 Phoenix, Arizona

A contoversial set of UFO photographs taken over Phoenix, Arizona by William A. Rhodes.

Rhodes said that the object appeared to be elliptical in shape and have a diameter of twenty to thirty feet. It appeared to be at 5000 feet when first seen and was traveling, according to Rhodes, at 400 to 600 miles an hour. It was gray which tended to blend with the overcast background of the sky. The object had, according to Rhodes and a confidential report from the Project Blue Book files, "what appeared to be a cockpit canopy in the center which extended toward the back and beneath the object. The 'cockpit did not protrude from the surface but was clearly visible with the naked eye." There were no propellers or landing gear, but there did seem to be trails of turbulent air behind the trailing points of the object.

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Arizona Republic, July 9, 1947; Ted Bloecher, Report on the UFO Wave of 1947, case # 632; Edward U. Condon (editor), Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, p. 508; APRO Bulletin, December 1977, p. 8; NICAP UFO Investigator, January 1978, p. 4; Kevin D. Randle & Russ Estes, Spaceships of the Visitors, p. 95 Elliptical
April 23, 1998. Bovey Trace, Devon, southwest of the Wiltshire, UK


Attachment 1 - The Crescent

T. Roy Dutton, Thursday, 23rd April --- At 22:00 BST, a security guard at a pottery in Bovey Tracy (only about 4 miles NW of Newton Abbot) had the shock of his life -- as the second cutting relates. I arranged to meet him, on site, at 22:00 BST on Tuesday, 29th April. He gave his age as 33 years and was very eager to give me all the details except his full name. In fact, I could hardly get a word in edgeways. He'd already been interviewed by the police, by someone from our MoD over the phone, and by a UFO buff whose name he couldn't remember. He couldn't get over the size of the thing, its low altitude and its uncanny silence, and he poured scorn on the MoD man's very mention of a Hercules transport plane! He had watched it fly off following the road. He drew me a sketch using the bonnet of his van as a table (a copy is enclosed) and I later scribbled details onto it.

The strobing red lights had been very powerful -- and I suggested to him that they might have been infrared illuminators, suspended some distance below the 'wing'. He agreed that that could have been a possibility, because he was conversant with IR surveillance technology. If they had been flashing once per second and if the craft had been flying along at his estimated 200 mph, the distance covered between flashes would have been only about 100 yards (about twice its wingspan?). I took rough compass bearings and the object seemed to have been travelling on a 340 degrees (mag) course (though that was not exactly towards Moretonhampstead, as stated by the witness). If that line is extended southeastwards it runs over part of Newton Abbot and extending it further takes it over Paignton, adjacent to Torquay. If, instead, the object had been travelling directly towards Moretonhampstead (the compass bearing being wrong), it might have overflown both the site of the exploding Newton Abbot sub-station and Torquay. Furthermore, as my second processed output shows, it could have arrived (about 20 minutes before it was seen) from the same track in space as that associated with the explosion event on the 19th April (Track No. 7). Power Plant
April 20/24, 2003? Houston, British Columbia, Canada

Time: 10:30 p.m. A woman was just about to close the bedroom curtains, getting ready to retire for the evening, when she saw a tight cluster of lights just sitting stationary, low in the sky. She called her husband over and he too was shocked at what he saw. Grabbing binoculars, they took turns viewing the lights. They believe that the lights were attached to a dark object shaped like the letter “C”. They believed that the object was low to the ground and fairly close to their farm, possibly hovering over Highway #16.
Although they opened the window to check, they could not hear any sound. They watched the stationary object for 20 to 30 minutes before closing the curtains and going to bed. Shortly afterward, the wife did get up and look out the window, but the lights were gone. Also a side note on this particular area. Other residents in the neighborhood did see many unusual things flying overhead in 2002 and 2003. most remain unexplained.