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UFO Shape - Cone/Cup/Mushroom/Top

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Cone-shaped UFO. Chased by pilot Thomas Mantell over Godman Army Air Field-Fort Knox, Kentucky. It has been suggested Mantell was chasing one of the then-classified Skyhook balloons.


Felt strong heat, aerial encounter with top shaped UFO. 


Mrs Frank Smith and grandson. Second degree burns and face swelling after close approach by top-shaped object trailing smoke.


A motorist reported seeing an object of an amber color fly over his vehicle along State Route 59. The object--described as about six feet high and top shaped, with what appeared to be antennae along its rim--followed the car for two miles, emanated great heat, made a loud hissing noise, had odor like that of embalming fluid and gave off a yellow light through what looked like openings in the lower portion of the object.


Face and arms irritated after close approach by top shaped object with red bottom and formaldehyde smell.

A red, cup-shaped UFO alledgedly lit up the surrounding landscape with a brilliant green light from its underside. Lft behind an odor like that of embalming fluid. Interference with television reception reportedly accompanied this UFO appearance. (7)

|Injury|Embalming Fluid|Formaldehyde|

A huge cone-shaped object gliding across the road in front of him. His car stalled. The craft landed in a nearby meadow. Six concentric rings encircled the object, which was crested with a dome and emitted a bluish glow. Test by professor Ernest Gehman and two DuPont engineers revealed a concentration of radiation at the landing site which spread over an area corresponding to the estimated size of the UFO. Washington D.C. (1964-1965) 

|Dome|Glow|Highway|Interfernce|Landing Trace|Radiation|Rings|

One mushroom or lightbulb-shaped object, 75-80' high, 25' in diameter on top and 10' bottom diameter; metallic grey with a red-orange glow on the near side and a blue glow on the far side.


James Flynn, "a cone shaped UFO hovering about 200' over some cypress trees... moved rapidly and changed positions... the cone-shaped object appeared to be about 25' high and had four tiers of windows emitting a yellowish glow... a noise like a diesel generator... within 200 yards of the UFO, Flynn jumped out of the swamp buggy... the UFO emitted a jet-like noise and a blast of wind that knocked him off balance; as he continued to approach within a few yards, the UFO emitted a beam like a welder's torch and Flynn blacked out... Extensive physical trace evidence was found, including an area of burnt sawgrass 72 feet in diameter... 'I felt a blow like a sledgehammer'... when he awoke... his vision was seriously impaired. About 24 hours had passed.... [he] required medical treatment, and had a small dark spot on his forehead. He suffered impaired vision in one eye, numbness, and loss of hearing." The effects lasted for over a week.

|Beam|Injury|Landing_Mark|Diesel Generator/Jet-like Noise|

One oval object with dark top, appeared cone-shaped when moving.


Police Officer Wayne Huston described a UFO that flew over him at an altitude of about eight or nine hundred feet as the appearance of an ice cream cone with a flattened dome top. 



Sketch of UFO as seen at 180 feet

Claude Edwards. Through scattered trees to his left he saw a gray-green object “like a giant mushroom” in the field in front of the barn.

|Disc|Mushroom-Shape|ET|Landing Mark|

One being seen moving inside windows of hovering top-shaped craft with lights around circumference.




Conical UFO.

MUFON sketch showing sideview of the encounter. (credit: MUFON / Connelly)

Multiple witnesses. 16 year old Ronald Johnson was tending the sheep, accompanies by his dog, when the sighting happened. What he suddenly saw was a mushroom shaped object, illuminated by multicolored lights over its entire surface and hovering 25 yards away.

|Mushroom-shaped|Landing Trace|

Two orange-colored, cone-shaped objects, merge.


Cone of light directed to ground. Eight foot creature spotted prior to event. Multiple witnesses. Light heated up skin on one of the witnesses.


A respected archaeologist together with his wife saw a cone-shaped object with a top that was mushroomlike in appearence. The object made no noise. The bottom was bright and opaque, the center was white, and the edges were yellowish. The craft seemed to be twenty-five to thirty feet in diameter at the base and was about fifteen to eighteen feet high. 


Witness observes a luminous conical (cone-shaped) form turning around its axis and comprising on its circumference stripes of various colors.


Single large cone shaped flying object with red and yellow flashing lights around the base.


Ice cream cone shaped craft seen for several minutes in neighborhood. 3 lights in triangle shape on bottom. Spotlight beam. No sound.



Merida, Yucatan UFO footage in ZIP (file format) links: Link 1 , Link 2

When I was coming through town I saw a huge cone UFO red perculiar lights over Russell, Kansas.

There was this orange cone shaped object burning in the sky. 

National UFO Reporting Center Report: CONE