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UFO Shape - Cylinder

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Hans Glaser's woodcut showing UFOs seen at Nuremberg, Germany, on April 14, 1561.
Cylinders, spheres and disks.

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An airmail pilot over Nevada was forced to land by a huge, wingless cylindrical object.

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Cylindrical UFO. Jack E. Puckett and two others.

Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Kuhl was flying a C-45 aircraft northeast of Rome, New York when he spotted a "silvery cylindrical-shaped" object descend slowly into a cloud layer at about 7,000 feet.

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A cloud of unusual shape. Above the cloud was a clearly defined, narrow, white cylinder, tilted at a forty-five degree angle and moving slowly. In front of the cylinder were about thirty objects resembling puffs of smoke.

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One hunderd witnesses observed a long cigar-shaped UFO tilted at a forty-five-degree angle. A Plume of smoke emerged from the upper end. About ten pairs of disks accompanied the cylinder, flying in zigzag motions. Hovered over town. Large quantities of angels' hair fell earthward.

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Cylindrical UFO. Intermittent trails of bright sparks and fragments. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stated: "It is difficult to offer any definitive explanation as to the cause or origin of the UFOs sighted in the Moroccan area...September 19, 1976."

Cylindrical UFO and satellite object.

San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies describe two objects they observed while on patrol. One of the objects was cylindrical in shape with a bright white light in it's center. At each end of the object was rings releasing multi-colored flashes of light. Object disappears at extremely high speed.

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RECONSTITUTION OF CHUPA-CHUPA - Above are the reconstitution of the cylindrical object
commonly called Chupa-chupa. We described the presence of two figures similar to
sighted humans through a window. In detail: the same photo, 1978, without mount.

Weird, cylindrical-shaped objects, called camburoes by local people, typically emitting powerful beams of light that swept across terrains, were encountered frequently by farmers and fisherman during the chupa-chupa 'epidemic' in Brazil.

The flying thing was shaped like a cylinder, and he [Joao de Brito] could hear voices coming from it, in an unknown language.

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Cylindrical UFO. Seven technicians.

Cylinder craft filmed by Mr Marrs Dommin.

A 28-year-old woman observed a very large metallic, cylindrical flying object with structural detail up close while driving on a highway near Mobile. She could see 20-30 occupants inside through the windows.

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3:00 AM. EST. In the witness's bedroom a short humanoid pointed a beam at the witness in bed. When the being had left a three-foot long by 18" cylinder shot straight up into the sky outside.

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The witness suddenly awoke and went outside her home to see a huge metallic cylinder-shaped craft hovering over the area. It had a pink pulsating light on its front and a blue light at the rear. She could also see a large door. She suddenly found herself inside the object where she saw different types of equipment illuminated by a brilliant blue glow. Inside the craft she encountered three types of humanoids, one was human-like that appeared to be in charge, several small gray humanoids with pear-shaped heads and huge black oval-shaped eyes, and a third type of being described as tall and reptilian in appearance, with green scaly skin and huge golden-colored eyes.

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Walter Knowles. He saw a cylindrical-shaped object with blue and white lights hovering low in the sky. Suddenly the object executed a ninety-degree turn and tumbled end over end into the woods. Upon impact the object emitted a huge flash of light, making the sky bright as daylight. Knowles reports that several other motorists also stopped when they saw the light, which now began to fade to an amber glow.

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Upon arrival they found a cylindrical object, about 60 by 40 feet in diameter with four hydraulic legs, two of which had been damaged on landing causing the object to rest on a 30 degree angle. The object appeared to be made of metal and carbon fiber, highly polished and seamless. Its color was dark charcoal. There was an opening on the side measuring 4 by 2 feet. Upon being detected by USAF high ranking officers he and the others were instructed to secure the area until recovery personnel arrived. Before leaving he noticed standing on top of what appeared to be a flight deck of the object, two strange figures. This were described as being about 3.5 to 4-feet tall, with a grayish smooth complexion, their heads were in extreme proportion to their bodies with slanting eyes and thin arms, and at no time did these communicate. Within 50 minutes an USAF Sikorsky chopper arrived and lifted the object away.

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A photograph of a cylinder shaped object.


Large glowing cylinder.

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UFO Cylinder-Shape Resources:

Wilf Thomas was watching a Cesna-type plane fly over at 1000 feet and a mile behind it and to the right was a silverish cylinder-shaped object (about half the size of the plane). The plane then veered north, as the cylinder turned east flying slower than the plane. It had no obvious wings and a light was seen at both ends of the cylinder.

Object appears metallic with dark rings at both ends. Analysis and discovery of unusual features was by Steve Tobias UFO Researcher USAF Veteran

Cylinder craft are also being observed flying over the Mars Rover on a fairly regular basis.

FOSTORIA—George Ritter sent this photo of a cylinder shaped object shot recently over a nearby farm.

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